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Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers in The World

August 29, 2023

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturers


Today, solar water pumps have become an important innovative technology, which not only benefits the environment but is also widely used in various fields. From agricultural irrigation to water supply in remote areas, and even swimming pool water circulation, solar water pumps have become indispensable equipment.

So what solar water pump manufacturers are available in the market today? and what are their products like?

In this article, we will introduce the top 10 solar water pump manufacturers and suppliers in the world, highlighting their product range and features to provide you with a better understanding and choice!

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers


company activity sunvis

SUNVIS SOLAR was established in the year of 2003, and they have always been committed to research and develop the solar pumps.

Now they have successively produced the DC Solar permanent magnet solar pumps, solar deep well pump and solar pool pumps. And their DC permanent magnet pump kit can be runed well by a small solar panel, this will greatly save the cost for the users.

Moreover, they have deveopped the Remote Monitoring System for the pump system, it can monitor the solar panel charging current, discharge current, water flow and life head, etc. The user can check the pump operation status through their mobile App or Web, and can save time and cost for the solar pumps maintenance.

Products Range:

Solar Submersible Pump

Solar Surface Water Pump

Solar Deep Well Pump

Solar Pool Pump


SUNVIS Solar water pump is reliable, high efficiency, and Low Cost

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Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-RPS

RPS Solar pumps is a 100% USA company, they developed their first solar water in the year of 2012, and after 2 years test and develop, and finally launched into the market in 2014. Now there is 10 years past, their solar water pumps have been trusted by many customers, and now they are one of the best solar water pump supplier in the USA Market.

If you live in USA, you can buy solar pumps from them directly at cheap price, because they do not have dealers or distributors. But if you are from other countries, they may not ship the pump out of the America.

RPS Solar Water Pumps Range:

Solar Submersible Pumps

Surface Solar Water Pumps


Their pumps power from 0.3HP to 50HP, and the submersible pump lift head reaches to 1000 foot.

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3. Lorentz

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-LORENTZ

LORENTZ has been specializing in off-grid solar water pumping solutions since it was founded in Germany in 1993, and has become the market leader in solar water pumping due to its technological entrepreneurship and reliable product quality. although they are based in Germany, their pumps are manufactured in Beijing, China, thanks to the well-established production supply chain in China.

They sell the pumps through agents, the do not sell to end customer directly. Lorentz's pumps are mainly focused on three areas of application: drinking water for humans and animals, agricultural irrigation and swimming pool water recycling.

LORENTZ product lines:

Submersible Solar Pump

Solar Surface Water Pump

Solar Pool Pump


LORENTZ products are simple, easy to maintain, efficient and durable. Ideal for installation in remote areas and harsh environments.

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4. Grundfos

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-GRUNDFOS

Grundfos water pump has been already 78 years history. Their headquarter is located in Denmark. Since their first water pump was come out in 1945, they have been continued to innovate and now it is one of the biggest water pump manufacturer in the world. They have a wide range water pump lines, solar water pump is just one of their water pump categories. So if you have any special application, you can contact them, they will give you a reasonable solution, but please remember that they do not sell the pumps to end customers directly, they have their distributor or reseller sales channels.

Grundfos Water Pump Range:

Solar Water Pump, Fire protection pumps, horizontal multistage pumps, immersible pumps and inline single stage pumps, etc.


They have wide range of water pump lines, no mater for agriculture irrigation, domestic use, or sewage, they have a pump to meet your requirements!

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5. Nastec

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-NASTEC

Nastec is a Italian Company and was established in the year of 2007, Compared with the previous pump companies, it looks like they are still young. But they have always been committed to manufacturing solar pumps and accessory with more reliable, more simple, and more flexible. Beside their fantastic design, and good performance, they also have very strong design ability on the software.

Nastec Products Range:

Solar Pool Pump

Solar Submersible Pump

Surface Solar Pump

Solar Pump Inverter

Monitor Software


Like most of the solar water pump company, Nastec water pumps range is widely used in domestic, irrigation, and swimming pool water circulation, but their strong point is the software design ability.

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Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-ennos

Ennos is a Swiss company founded in 2006, they focus on producing affordable pumps and suitable for farmers and communities. So their water pump power is not big. But it is reliable and good quality. They have their network of distribution and partners around the world.

Ennos Product Range:

Solar Submersible Pump

Solar Surface Water Pump


Ennos water pumps are small power, Max flowrate: 2‘000 L/HOUR and Max Lift Head: 60 Meters. It is suitable for small farms irrigation or garden watering.

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7. Well Pump Group

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-Well PUMP GROUP

Well Pump Company was registered in 1993, and their factory was built in 1995 in Belgium. After decades of development, they have been the TOP Manufacturer in Europe, and their water pumps are passed drinking water quality standards (ACS, KTW, WRAS). So you can use their pump for domestic home water using.

Well Pump Products Range:

Solar Submersible Pump

Solar Pool Pump

Solar Surface Water Pump


Their products are made of stainless steel (AISI 304, AISI 316), Certificated by drink water standard.

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8. Franklin Electric, Inc

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-FRANKLIN

Franklin Electric headquarter is located in America, They are a Group company and has subbranches in Asian, Europe, South America and Africa. They are a global leader in the manufacturing of systems for the water pump. Their solar water pump system is just one of the products line, They are widely used in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal application. They have distributors all around the world.

Franklin Electric Product Range:

Fhoton SolarPAK

SubDrive Solar PAK

High Efficiency Solar Pump System


Their Solar water pumps covers a wide range of application, and it is good for project in residential, industrial, irrigation and municipal projects.

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9. Alpex Solar PVT. LTD

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-ALPEX

Alpex SOLAR PVT is an Indian company, and although their website doesn't look great,but they introduce themselves as a well known supplier of solar water pumps in India, and also according to market date forest website, Alpex plays an important role in Europe as well.

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10. Advanced Power Inc

Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in the World-API

Advanced Power Inc have a history of more than 30 years now. Their first solar pumps that they manufactured is solar powered submersible water pumps. They are not only selling complete solar pumps system, but also sell components, like solar panel, controller and batteries. Their water pumps can meet all your needs from agriculture to oil fields, or domestic home life using.

Advanced Power Inc Products Range:

Complete Systems Kit
Solar Water Pumps
Solar Panels,
Power Inverters
Battery Backup System Kit


Their solar powered water pumps are reliable, ecoconical, and user friendly, suitable for many markets.

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By this article, we have deeply looked at the top 10 solar water pump manufacturers in the world. They have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the solar water pump field, no matter on the innovative design, or the efficient performance.

Of course, besides the above listed top 10 company, there are also other excellent suppliers in the world, they are also playing important role on the development of renewable energy and solve the water supply challenges in the remote areas.

So when you select the solar powered water pumps for your house or for your business project, you can learn their products range and features from these supplier. I am sure you will find one to meet your requirement.

In the end, let us all look forward to the continuous technological innovation of these manufacturers to produce more practical and affordable solar water pumps for us, so that solar water pumps can play a greater role within the global development of agriculture and solve the problem of living water in remote areas.

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I am the Marketing Director of SUNVIS, with 12 years of experience in the Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Power System and Solar Water Pumps industry. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.

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