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      IoT solar street lights are street lights that are powered by solar panels and are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). These street lights use sensors and communication technologies to gather and transmit data about their operation, performance, and environment.

      IoT solar street lights are designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They use renewable energy sources to generate power, which reduces the need for fossil fuels and helps to reduce carbon emissions. The data gathered by the sensors and communication technologies can be used to optimize the operation of the street lights, such as by turning them off when there is no one around, or by dimming them when there is low light.

      IoT solar street lights also have the potential to provide additional services, such as public Wi-Fi, air quality monitoring, and traffic management. These street lights can also be remotely monitored and controlled, which can help to improve maintenance and repair processes.

      Advantages of Smart Solar Street Light

    • Remote real-time monitoring and management

    • Electronic Google map showing street light locations

    • Accurately locate faulty streetlights

    • Intelligent warning, diversified alarm ways

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      Smart Solar Street Light instruction

      Smart Solar Street Light Information:
      Definitive Guide

      What is Smart Solar Street Light?

      Smart Solar street light system, also known as IoT solar street light, is based on Zigbee/Lora remote wireless control system. Smart Solar Street Light system is high energy efficiency and automation solar street lighting system. LED light source is a high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, durability.

      You can monitor and remote control the smart solar street light through the IoT platform.


      How Does Smart Solar Street Light Work?

      With the technical support of IoT, the user can preset the smart solar street lights through the IoT control and management platform to achieve any time switching plan and remote control the switching time and brightness of any lamp.

      You can adjust the brightness of a group of smart solar street lights at any time through the IoT platform, and you can also use Google Maps to monitor any street lights, which can automatically reduce different time periods (such as midnight and early morning) to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction.

      What are the functions of Smart Solar Street Light?


      What Are The Advantages of Smart Solar Street Light?

      1. Smart solar street lights have centralized intelligent control of global management functions. All of the solar street lights based on the IoT technology connected in a system that can be real-time global management.

      2. The smart solar street lights can be remotely controlled by mobile phones APP or computers, The IoT System can monitor the smart solar street light real-time lamp operating status and real-time parameters for management and control.

      3. Remote inspection and monitoring functions. IOT solar street lights can real-time self-inspection system of each solar street lights, it has current, voltage, power detection function, timely detection of faults or abnormal work, can real-time detection and alarm, reduce the amount of manual inspection labor.

      4. statistical analysis function, When the smart solar street light charging or discharging, the smart solar street lights can real-time collect the data of solar photovoltaic system, control system, light source system and other parts of the working time parameters and status, and summary analysis, regular or real-time to the management staff, in order to adjust as necessary.

      5. Intelligent work; IoT solar street lights can analyze the big data from the whole solar street light data, and then it can achieve time control, light control and intelligent control. It is not only to meet the lighting use, to protect the whole system from damage, but also to maximize savings configuration, to maximize the investment benefits.

      What kinds of communication protocols are available for Smart Solar streetlights?

      The main communication protocols are Zigbee, Lora, 433 and NB-IoT. All of them have the same main functions, but have many differences.

      Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each communication protocol of smart solar street light


      Buying Guide Smart Solar Street Light – Strategies For How To Get Started?

      Due to people's increasing demand for intelligence, so the smart solar street lights are required to have remote street light intelligent control system, simple shape patent control bidding has become difficult to operate.

      The rapid development of the solar street lights is to provide a good living environment for residents, and also improve the service management level of the lighting industry, Smart street lights also create good development opportunities for enterprises engaged in related urban lighting industry.

      There are many standards for smart solar street lights, but all of them can not be unable to unify, in addition to mainstream wired control technology, and Bluetooth MESH new protocol control technology, Zigbee-based wireless control technology, NB-IOT Internet of Things, super WIFI control technology.


      So apart from the appearance of the requirements, Different countries and regions have their own operators. So you need to confirm the operators and APNs of each country and region.

      Why do you buy Smart Solar Street Light from us, Not other Solar Street Light Manufacturer or Supplier?

      • 17 Years of Smart Solar Street Light Manufacturing Experience
      • Exports to over 96 Countries and Territories
      • Installed 40+ Smart Solar Street Light Projects
      • ISO9001/CE Certificate
      • Rich experience in handling UNDP and World Bank orders

      How Do You Install Smart Solar Street Lights?

      (1)This product must be installed and configured properly to work normally. The installation process is as follows: This setting uses a SIM card that could support 4G network and opened 4G Internet business. When installing the SIM card, first confirm that the device is not powered on and check whether the SIM card slot is abnormal or not(the SIM card slot is inside the DTU), then insert the SIM into the card slot and confirm that the installation is in place. Note: It is strictly forbidden to insert or remove the SIM card when the 4GDTU is powered on.


      (2) Antenna installation The DTU's antennas include 4G and Zigbee/Lora antennas. The 4G antenna is an SMA female connector, and the Zigbee/Lora antenna is an SMA male connector, connect to the DTU separately. Note: The 4G antenna and the Zigbee/Lora antenna should be perpendicular to the ground and at a certain distance from the pole.

      How to Maintain Your Outdoor Solar Street light?

      The smart solar street lights require no special maintenance. You can monitor the smart solar street light working conditions through the IoT platform. If there is a streetlight malfunction alarm, you should repair the default solar street light timely.


      Smart Solar Street Light Market Prospects

      With the implementation of smart cities worldwide, solar street lights, supported by IoT and cloud computing technologies, will become the new windfall for intelligent cities. The Sunvis solar IoT street lights are designed to meet the market's needs and are designed to meet the needs of the market, with a focus on humane design, intelligent use, and convenient service. We believe that the future of SUNVIS is bright, and the prospects are unlimited.


      Smart solar street lamps greatly enhance lighting management, saving electricity bills, and reducing resource costs. The essence of smart solar street light is the excellent management of lighting.

      In the era of smart cities, smart solar street lamps are based on the widespread distribution of the city to establish the IoT street lamps, which can avoid capital investment in the city's basic smart street lamp network sensing facilities.


      For small and medium-sized enterprises, smart solar street lighting is a strategic direction, and layout can not be ignored. The future world must be convenient, fast, and timely management. The only remote control system can meet the future needs of urban development and life. So we believe that in the next ten years, the simple price war will be upgraded to a program war, who first occupied the remote street light control system, who will have the strategic weapons to reduce the dimensional blow!

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