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SUNVIS Commercial Solar Powered LED Parking Lighting System, with high efficiency solar panel and lithium iron phosphate battery, has the features of high energy efficiency, long life, high brightness, etc., and there is no need to dig a trench and lay a line, 0 electricity cost. Besides these, our solar lights have the following features and advantages:

  • IP65 dustproof and waterproof, can be installed in any rainy place
  • Aluminum alloy shell, rustproof, suitable for seaside parking lot
  • IK09, high impact resistance, can withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal maintenance

Our solar powered LED parking lot lighting solution integrates intelligent light control + PIR motion sensor, and there are three light modes to choose from, which can meet the brightness requirements while being more energy efficient and increasing the lighting time. Widely used in large commercial parking lots, remote parking lots, park parking lots, community parking lots, shopping mall parking lots and so on. Safety, reliability and sustainability are our biggest advantages.

Benefits of Solar Parking Lot Lights

  • Multi Control Options: The Solar light controller is programable, so it is easy to Tailor your lighting control to match the projects specific requirements

  • Install Anywhere: Becauser there is no need to connection the grid, these solar light pole can be installed anyplace, from remote islands to rural roads, disaster prone areas and parking lot.

  • Zero Electricity Bills: Bccause the lamp fixtures are 100% solar powered, no connect to Grid, There is not any electricity bills.
  • Customizable Designs:Solar parking lot lights come in a variety of styles, from integrated to two-in-one, so whether you're an importer or an engineer, you can choose the most suitable product for your aesthetic preferences and lighting needs. From stylish and modern to classic and practical, there is always one that suits your taste.

  • Government Encouragement: Many governments are adopting solar solutions for lighting public parking lots and municipal roads in order to save on energy consumption. Building government image project

Solar Parking Lot Lights System

Solar Parking Lot Lights Project

Be Careful When Choosing A New Solar Street Light Supplier, The Disappointment Of Low Quality Lasts Much Longer Than The Joy Of Low Prices!

Solar LED Parking Lot Lights Buying Guide

Whether you are an importer or a project contractor, I think you are looking for a reliable and professional solar light manufacturer for your project. Please read the following in detail, which will help you to find the right solar parking lot lights。

Outdoor parking lot light fixture selection, the first thing to look at its installation location, and whether it meets the environmental needs of use. Outdoor parking lot lamps and lanterns installed in the outdoor, to consider its use of the environment, such as outdoor direct sunlight, strong wind, rain, humidity, cold, etc. Therefore, to provide a good lighting environment for the parking lot, when choosing lamps, not only to consider the lighting effect of the lamps, but also to consider the waterproof, impact resistance and so on. In addition, as a long-term use of lighting tools, the energy-saving lamps and lanterns is also very important.

The Following FAQ will help you better understand the solar parking lot light specification before your buy.

How to lay out the solar street lights in a parking lot?

Regarding how to lay out the lights, this will depend on the size of the parking lot and the location of the parking spaces.

Generally speaking, if it is a single side parking space, we recommend single head solar street light or solar flood light.(refer to the above project 3)

If it is a large parking lot, we recommend that the middle of the parking on the arrangement of double-head solar lamps, surrounded by the arrangement of single-head solar street lamps, if you have very high requirements for brightness, you can also install four-head solar street lamps(refer to the above project case 4)


How many lumens do I need to light a parking lot?

The lumens you need depend on the size of the space covered by the LED lights.

For example, if you have a 15- to 20-meter lighting area, you should choose outdoor parking lot lights with 3,000 to 4,000 lumens.

For an area of 20 to 30 meters, 5,000 lumens would be best.

What color temperature to choose for solar parking lot lighting?

Usually the higher the color temperature, the higher the brightness of the LED lights, but because the parking lot is usually in the open area, there will certainly be small animals, if the color temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the sleep of small animals. Therefore, the general color temperature of outdoor parking lot LED lights is 3500K-4000K. Read more...

What is the CRI option for solar parking lot lighting?

Color Rendering Index CRI is a commonly used parameter in the field of lighting technology, which reflects how good the light source is in terms of color rendering.

90-100 Excellent Places requiring accurate color contrast
80-89 Excellent Places that require correct color judgments
60-79 Average Places that require moderate color rendering

In outdoor parking lots, it's usually enough to be able to tell the color of the vehicle,so the general solar street lamp display index is greater than 70 is qualified!

How high should a parking lot light pole be?

The height of the street light pole needs to be set in conjunction with the size of the area of the site, it is usually not recommended to set too high, if it is a community parking lot, generally 3 meters -4 meters is appropriate. If it is a large outdoor commercial parking lot, 6-7 meters is enough!

How many watts is a parking lot LED light?

Because the general height of the parking lot street lamps is 4-7 meters, so the use of 20W-40W LED lamps can be ok.

How do you calculate parking lot lights?

We generally carry out DIALUX simulations according to the customer's requirements, e.g. the illuminance values required for the project, the installation spacing, the height of the light poles etc.

How Many Lights Do I Need For My Parking Lot?

This will depend on the way the lights are laid out to calculate the number of fixtures, e.g., do you need to install a single-head, double-head, or quadruple-head light? Different lighting arrangement and illumination requirements require different numbers of solar lights.

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