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Solar Water Pumps for Agricultural Irrigation

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Solar water pump is a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and reliable water supply technology, which is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, breeding and other fields.

According to our sales data in the past 5 years, more than 80% of solar water pumps are used in agricultural irrigation. This is enough to prove that solar water pumps play a very important role in agricultural production. 

Therefore, a solar water pump with superior performance is very necessary.

Types of Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solar Water Pump Advantages and Benefits

Why are more and more farmers or ranchers choosing solar water pumps? Solar water pump is the use of photovoltaic power generation to directly drive the pump operation for the use of farm irrigation. 

There are several advantages:
1. Safe and reliable: solar water pumps utilize solar power, without the need for diesel engines or utility power, avoiding safety hazards such as fire and electric shock.
2. Automatic start and stop: solar water pump according to the strength of the sun, automatically adjust the water flow, no need to be manned, saving labor!
3. Convenient installation: the solar water pump is easy to install, plug and play line, does not require special skills, and maintenance is also relatively easy.
4. Long-lasting economic cost savings: solar water pumps have a long service life, solar panels life of 25 years, the pump life of 10 years, almost no maintenance, in the long run can save a lot of energy and maintenance costs.
5. Not subject to installation location restrictions: in some remote areas or municipal power can not reach the farmland, to have a stable water source is very difficult, solar water pumps can solve the farmers' water needs, no matter where you can install.
6. Cheap price: the current price of solar panels is at an all-time low, while the cost of water pump prices are also declining, all the current pump price is the cheapest. More and more farmers are choosing solar water pumps for irrigation.

How solar water pumping irrigation works

The solar water irrigation system is mainly composed of solar power generation system, water pump, pump controller, water tower, and several parts of the irrigation system.
When the sun shines on the solar panel, the converted electricity is supplied to the water pump, which works to pump out the water and spread it to the farmland or grassland through the irrigation system.
This solar water irrigation system can use solar energy to work, can effectively save electricity, and installation does not need to connect and pull the wire, very convenient.
According to different farms and geographic locations, irrigation systems are installed in different ways, more typical of the following two.

Direct irrigation through water pipes

Irrigation with water stored in a water tower

Is solar water pump worth it?

Cost Comparison with Traditional Diesel Pumping Systems.

Generator water pumps have been used in the past in areas where electricity is not available or not easily accessible, such as in the wild, for farming, planting, orchards, nurseries, etc.

Which is the most cost-effective solution in the long run compared to solar water pumps?

Here we take the small 2.2KW water pump as an example, calculate which kind of water pump is more cost-effective?

2.2kW water pump, working 6 hours a day, maintenance and replacement costs are not included, the solar panel life of 25 years to 15 years of cost calculations to compare the cost-effectiveness of the two programs:

Solar Water Pump Cost:

2.2kW photovoltaic water pump system one-time investment of 1300USD, 15 years of use, assuming the need to replace the inverter once, inverter cost 80USD, 15 years total need to be replaced once, a total of 80USD, a total of 1380USD;

Diesel Generator Pump Cost:

2.2kw pump needs a 7.5kW gasoline generator to drive, the generator works 6 hours a day consumes 12L of gasoline, according to the current price of oil per L 1USD, 12USD per day; 365 days consumes gasoline 4,380USD, the cost of a single generator is about 1,200USD, a total cost of 5,580USD/Year, assuming that Assuming a service life of 15 years, the total cost is 83,700USD.

From this point of view, when you need a larger amount of water, high frequency of use, the utility is not convenient, and the local sunshine is good, you choose solar power as a power source to lift water for irrigation is the most economical way.

Of course, if your water needs are not large, the frequency of use is not high, you need to take into account the need to choose the optimal and most cost-effective pumping solution.


Considerations for Choosing a Solar Pump

Through the above comparison, we know that solar water pumps are the most affordable solution for water extraction in field farming, planting orchards and nurseries. So what are the factors to consider when choosing the right solar water pump?
1. You need to calculate your farm size first.
2. How many tons of water you need to irrigate once, and how many days you need to irrigate once
3. Whether the water source is well water or river, and the depth of the well water
4. What is your budget.

After know these questions, you can easily choose a suitable water pump for you.


How do I calculate the head of the required pump?

You can refer to the below to calculate the pump head required.

solar water pump for irrigation head calculation

If you are not sure, you can contact us for help.

What is the difference between a solar water pump and a normal water pump?
Solar water pump is a water pump that is driven directly by electricity from solar panels and does not need to be connected to the mains, it can run independently and is not affected by geographic location, so it is a one-time investment that lasts a lifetime.

Ordinary water pumps need to be connected to the utility, in some places where the utility can not reach, can not be used!

What type of pump is best for irrigation?

When choosing an irrigation pump, there are generally land pumps and submersible pumps. As for which type of pump is good, depends on the source of water is river water or well water, if it is river water, you can choose land pump, if it is well water, recommended choice of submersible pump. Because the land pump head is small, the flow rate is large. Submersible pump head is high, but the water flow is relatively small!

Is solar PV water pump a reliable solution for irrigation?
The answer is yes, because solar panels can last up to 25 years. The controller has a life span of 8-10 years.

How deep can a solar pump pump water?

It depends, we have 2", 4", 6", 8" solar water pumps with head ranging from 10M to 350M.

Do solar water pumps work at night?

No, because solar water pumps need sufficient sunlight when pumping water. No, because solar water pumps need sufficient sunlight when pumping water, so they can't work at night.

Are solar pumps expensive?

The price of a solar water pump is determined by the head and flow rate of the pump. The higher the flow rate and the higher the head, the more expensive the pump is; on the contrary, a pump with a small flow rate and a small head is cheaper.

How many solar panels do I need to run a water pump?

The size of the solar panels is determined by the motor power of the water pump, in general, in order to ensure the normal operation of the water pump, we recommend that the power of the solar panels is at least 1.5 times the power of the water pump.
For example, if the power of the pump is 750W, then the power of the solar panel is 750W*1.5=1125W.

Do solar pumps need batteries?

Generally, batteries are not required. The purpose of installing batteries is to be used as a backup power source in rainy days or at night when there is no solar power, for example, solar street lights need to be installed with batteries to ensure that they can be illuminated in rainy days or at night. However, generally crops are irrigated during the daytime and no irrigation is needed at night or on cloudy or rainy days. So the solar water pump does not need to install batteries, which also greatly saves the installation cost of solar water pumps!