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Founded in 2003, SUNVIS SOLAR has been dedicated to providing comprehensive Indoor Solar Power Systems and LED Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions to Government, Commercial Organizations, Wholesale Distributors and other Partners for many years.

Our experienced professional sales, stable production capacity and reliable, professional technical after-sales service have become our competitive advantage in the industry.

Our products include Off Grid Solar Power Systems, Portable Solar Generators, Solar Street Lights, Solar Controllers and Solar Inverters, and more.

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Recognized by
Many Governments

We are proud to be an advanced new energy technology company. We have been recognized for our research and development on solar intelligent control systems and lighting solutions. The local government of Shanghai has awarded us a certificate as a high-tech enterprise. And we have new patents approved every year.

Besides, SUNVIS also maintains close cooperation with the governments of China, Sudan, Syria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau and other international organizations such as UNDP and UNHCR.