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DC solar pool pumps vary widely in price on the market, with a variety of price points currently available. Although SUNVIS solar pool pumps are not the cheapest, but we have been proven in the market. In addition to winning various awards, our solar swimming pool pumps have been successfully exported to more than 80 countries and regions, highly praised by customers, with a return order rate as high as 82%. Many customers are scrambling to apply for agency rights, which fully proves that the real feedback of the market on our pool pump products is very positive.

Hot Sell Solar Swimming Pool Pump

DC Solar Pool Pump Kit

DC Solar Pool Kit includes: Mono Solar Panels, DC Brushless Motor Solar Pool Pump, MPPT Solar Controller, Installation Manual with step by step instructions, Pump accessories

AC/DC Solar Pool Pump Kit

AC/DC Solar Pool Kit includes: Mono Solar Panels, DC Brushless Motor Solar Pool Pump, AC/DC MPPT Solar Controller, Installation Manual with step by step instructions, Pump accessories

SUNVIS Solar pool pump, also called as solar swimming pool circulation pump, it is the core device of swimming pool circulation system with pre-set filter. Its main function is to pump water out of the swimming pool, then filter it through the filter and return clean water to the pool. The flow rate of the swimming pool pump determines the speed and quality of the water circulation, which is very important for the management of swimming pool water quality.

It also has the below Features and Benefits:

Advantages of Solar Powered Pool Pump

  • Solar-Powered Operation: Utilizes solar power to run your pool pump, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your electricity costs.
  • Smart Technology Integration: Automatic scheduling and control through MPPT's user-friendly interface for fully automated operation without human intervention for optimal efficiency.
  • Quiet and Efficient Operation: Our pumps utilize brushless DC motors and Japanese NSK bearings for low noise and high efficiency.
  • Hybrid Solar/Utility Input: Solar/Utility hybrid input for 24/7 operation.

Benefits of Solar Powered Pool Pump

Long Life Span: Special designed DC Brushless motor and NSK bearings for solar powered pump, Longer Life than AC Motors

Easy Installation: Our solar pool pumps are easy to install, ideal for new pools and existing pools pump replacement.

Cost Savings: 100% Solar Powered pump, zero energy cost. 

Match a Wide Range of Solar Panels: Wide input voltage range, suitable for a variety of photovoltaic modules

Convenient Maintenance: modular design, easy to maintain

Water Pump Performance table

DC Solar Pool Pump

Model Power Voltage Max flow(m3/h) Max head(m) Outlet(inch)
DP15-14-48-500 500W DC48V 15 14 2"
DP20-19-72-900 900W DC72V 20 19 2"
DP27-19-72-1200 1200W DC72V 27 19 3"
DP27-19-110-1200 1200W DC110V 27 19 3"

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Pool Pump

Model Power (AC)Voltage (DC)Voltage Max flow(m3/h) Max head(m) Outlet(inch)
DP20-19-110-900-A/D 900W 110V-240V 80V-400V 20 19 2"
DP27-19-110-1200-A/D 1200W 110V-240V 80V-400V 27 19 3"

Pump Performance Curve

solar pool pump performance curve

How Does A Solar Swimming Pool Pump Work?


Solar pool pumps work on the same principle as traditional AC pool pumps, the only difference is that solar pool pumps utilize the solar energy to drive a brushless DC motor that circulates and filters the water in the pool. It is important to note that solar pool pumps have a dedicated MPPT controller that can be controlled automatically without manual operation. Zero electricity costs. Whereas traditional pool pumps utilize utility power.

If it is AC/DC Solar Pool Pump, you need to connect to the utility power, in cloudy days or at night, the pump can still work normally, truly realize 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted circulation!

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1. How many solar panels to run a swimming pool pump?

Typically, solar water pumps are matched with solar panels that are 1.3 times the power of the pump.

For example: 900W water pump needs 1170W solar power, if you choose the size of 380W, you need 3 pieces of 380W solar panels

2. How long does a pool solar system last?

Solar pool pump kit main Contents: Solar panel, MPPT controller, DC brushless motor water pump. Requires little maintenance
The life span of solar panel can reach 20 years.
MPPT controller 8-10 years.
Motor 10-15 years.

3. How to convert pool pump to solar power?

If you are using AC pool pump for your swimming pool now, and want to convert pool pump to solar power, Simply buy a solar water pump inverter that can match the power of your current water power. It is very easy to install solar panels to your existing pump.

4. Are solar pool pumps AC or DC?

We have two types, DC Solar pump and AC/DC Solar Pump.  

DC Solar Pumps can only use solar power, can not use Grid power.

AC/DC Solar Pump can use both Grid Power and solar power. when the sunshine is weak, Grid power will drive the pump to work.

5. Can this pump be used for irrigation?

The answer is Yes, but if you need a solar water pump for irrigation, we recommend you use submersible solar well pump. Because that kinds pump have high head. 

6. How to install solar pool pump?

The installation of the solar water pump is the same as the installation of the AC water pump in the whole system, except that the input power of the pump is connected to the solar panel. 

solar pool pump installation