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The SUNVIS Solar Hybrid Inverter is a reliable and efficient power solution for your home or business. Featuring fully digital voltage and current double closed loop control, advanced SPWM technology, and pure sine wave output, this inverter is perfect for use with solar panels and other renewable energy sources.

Additionally, the SUNVIS Solar Hybrid Inverter has two output modes (mains bypass and inverter output) for uninterrupted power supply. With its advanced MPPT technology and lithium battery solar activation function, the SUNVIS Solar Hybrid Inverter is a versatile and reliable power solution for your home or business.

As one of the leading Hybrid Solar Inverter manufacturers in China, we assure you that we will supply the best quality for your products. We offer sample testing to give you confidence that our solar inverters are high quality, durable and safe. Contact us today and enhance your brand reputation with SUNVIS!

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SUNVIS Solar Hybrid Inverter Advantages

Built-in MPPT Solar Controller

The Solar Hybrid Inverter is the perfect choice for those looking to go solar. It has built in MPPT controller that allows it harvest more energy from sun, making this product an excellent alternative when compared with other options on today's market!

Operating Without Battery

With our patented technology, in the day time,  the power from solar panels can be supplied directly to a load without going through batteries. This reduces battery costs and boosts overall efficiency!

Activate Lithium Battery

The solar inverter is with built-in activate lithium battery function, when the BMS of the lithium battery is protected, battery will not power inverter and the inverter cannot charge the battery. The inverter will activate the pretection directly for both Lead Acid Battery and Lithium Ion Battery.

4 Charging Modes Available

4 charging modes to choose from: the inverters in this series offer four charging modes: solar only, mains priority, solar priority and hybrid charging. The end customer can choose the appropriate charging mode according to their actual situation, saving the initial investment cost of the solar panel

What Makes Us Your Second to None Manufacturer

SUNVIS is dedicated to providing you tailored made solar hybrid inverter by saving your cost and guaranteeing you a larger margin.


We can provide a full set of certifications for you to bid on or for your Customs Clearance.

SUNVIS Solar Hybrid Inverter Factory Production

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What Our Customers say about SUNVIS?

    I am the kind of person who sells products for the benefit of my customers. I really want what's best for my customers, so I only want to sell the best products on the market. SUNVIS Lithium batteries not only have a great BMS but also some of the best support in terms of customer service.
    We started using other competitors' batteries, but we never got the best support from them. Our customers just had too many problems with other battery suppliers' batteries, but since working with SUNVIS, the quality of the product has improved greatly and we rarely encounter any quality complaints from our customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked ones for this list, but you may still have some questions after reading this list, so in case your question isn't answered here. Our customer service is always available to help if needed!
1Can hybrid inverter work without battery?
Hybrid solar inverters can operate without batteries. This type of system is connected to solar panels and the grid, with power supplied by both. This type is more suitable for customers who use a lot of electricity during the day and not at night. If electricity is also needed at night, then a battery still needs to be installed
2How to choose the solar hybrid inverter?
1. Determine the load power and load type 2. Determine the load voltage 3. Calculate load power and battery power 4. Calculate PV module power 5. Determine the installation environment We have a detailed and complete set of inverter sizing options, please contact us for professional advice from our engineers

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