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As a leading supplier of Solar Outdoor Lighting and Solar Battery Storage System, SUNVIS has been helping UNDP and ADB supplied excellent Solar Street Lights for Sudan and Syria Project, and Solar Home System projects worldwide.


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Your Expert Solar Light and Solar Storage System Manufacturer

Founded in 2003 in Shanghai, China, SUNVIS specializes in the manufacture and development of Portable Solar System for home and camping, Off-Grid Solar System for Home and products related to Solar Outdoor Lighting Systems, including Solar Street Lights and Solar Floodlights.

SUNVIS has partnered with Ghana Ministry of Energy, ADB and UNDP to provide products for off-grid solar systems and solar outdoor lighting projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. Now we have customers from more than 80 countries around the world, and more and more of them are finding us and asking to start a cooperation.

Solar Lighting

High Quality and Affordable Solar Street Lights, Solar Garden Lights and Solar Floodlights are available for a wide range of applications

Solar Power System

Sunvis is a reliable solar power company that specializes in providing comprehensive solar power solutions and services, and also provides a wide range of products, including solar pv panels, inverters, controllers, batteries, and other components.

Custom Solar Street Light and Solar Power System For Your Project

We offer a one-stop shop for customised solar street lighting and solar power systems that can meet the energy needs of your any project.

With our expertise and experience, you will get the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for meeting the requests of your customers.

What Benefits Will You Get From SUNVIS?

Whether you need solar light and solar storage system for your brand, or you need solar light and solar storage system for your projects, SUNVIS can always satisfy your different needs.

For Government Construction Projects

  • ISO9001 Certified factory and product qualification.
  • Experienced in handling Government projects
  • Analysis and design solutions for specific architecture.
  • Higher standard of specs for special applications
  • Longer warranty as per requirements.

For Wholesale and Distribution Projects

  • Best wholesale price offered to support your sales.
  • Highly professional services for more than 17 years.
  • Certificates of Origin available to save your import duty.
  • OEM/ODM/LOGO Branding for your orders.
  • All market access product certification available.

Projects We Have Done

As one of the best solar lighting and solar power system company in China, SUNVIS solar products conform or exceed the CE/IEC/UL/TUV industry standards, solar panels certified with TUV, Inverter and Portable Solar System Certificated with CE. That's why we have won many projects orders from the United Nations.


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