All in Two Solar Street Light

  • split solar street light
  • 20-60W split solar street light

All in two Solar Street Light Description:

This all in two solar street light has a battery, LED lamp, and MPPT solar controller integrated into the lamp head. A separate solar panel can be adjusted to 360 degrees to suit any installation place.

All in two design, Easy to install and use, and has microwave induction and RGB color light design to achieve multi-functional lighting.


All in two Solar Street Light Features.

  • This all in two solar street light is designed by the professional lighting industrial design team, integrated light source, controller, Lithium battery, and human body sensing into one.
  • The whole street lamp's high-end appearance adopts high-pressure cast aluminum molding, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, the surface of the faux marble painting process, and corrosion resistance.
  • The solar panel tilt of this street light can be adjusted to 360 degrees to suit any installation place.
  • Intelligent sensor technology, microwave radar sensor, according to the moving object to adjust the brightness of the light, more energy-saving
  • Automatic judgment of weather conditions, intelligent power adjustment, reasonable planning of discharge
  • Smart remote control with drone remote control, long remote control distance, can penetrate obstacles, can be set to four kinds of lighting mode.
  • Intelligent charging and discharging management, double soft and hard protection of charging and discharging and smart equalization technology, the number of battery cycles is more than 2000 times.
  • LED luminous efficiency up to 180LM/W, more than double the ordinary LED light source, lamp beam angle is 140 degrees, wider lighting area.
  • The whole plastic part of the all in two solar street lamp is outdoor PC material fire grade, anti-UV, high temperature, oxidation resistance.
  • Waterproof up to IP67, can be placed directly in the water for a short time.
  • Super humanized design, Easy to disassemble, easy to install and easy to transport.
  • all-in-two-solar-street-lilght-drawing

    All in Two Solar Street Light Works Principle.

    When there is sunlight, the photovoltaic modules use solar radiation to generate electricity and convert solar energy into electrical energy, and then through the smart solar street light controller to charge the lithium battery and protect the battery from overcharging and over-discharging.

    The intelligent solar controller can also control the all in two solar street light ON/OFF and lighting brightness, without the need for manual operation.

    Humanized design; Easy to disassemble.

    The all in two solar street light adopts integrated design; no gluing of the lamp body, special waterproof box for battery packaging, the internal structure of lamps is simple and reliable.

    Compared with other similar solar street lamps in the market that are not removable and replaceable, SUNVIS all in two solar street light is easy to maintain and replace, saving costs.

    Simultaneously, all the wires use waterproof male and female connectors, and the connectors are labeled with an anti-connection function.


    All in Two Solar Street Light component exploded view


    High-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels.

    The solar panel can be 360 degrees adjustable, which makes up for the all in one solar street light that cannot rotate the solar panels in different angles.

    Due to the adjustable solar panel, this type of all in two solar street light can be installed in different latitudes and directions of the road.

    Material: The all in two solar street light panels are made of high quality and efficient mono silicon, which has a 20-30% higher conversion rate than polycrystalline silicon solar panels, with a maximum conversion rate of 20% and faster-charging speed.


    Lithium batteries.

    The all in two solar street light uses high-efficiency lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4), high-temperature resistance, can be discharged in high current, lithium battery cycle times up to 1000 times, LiFe'PLiFePO4 battery cycle times up to 2000 times or more.


    Double protection

    1. When the lamp temperature reaches the set limit temperature (60 ℃), the intelligent controller and lithium battery will power off at the same time, providing double protection for the safety of lithium batteries.

    2. The explosion-proof valve is added between each cell of the lithium battery pack. Its function is to prevent the battery from discovering the explosion to keep the potential threat out of mind.

    Intelligent microwave sensing.

    The integrated solar street light is built-in the latest microwave sensing technology. The sensing distance can be 20M, and It is two or three times of traditional infrared sensing and microwave sensing distance.


    Remote Control Description.

    Adopt drone remote control solution, remote control distance up to 30 meters, can directly penetrate obstacles, four light-up modes can be selected, according to the mode of seasonal sunshine.

    The most appropriate mode can be selected according to the seasonal sunshine.


    All in two Solar Street Light Application

    Widely used in feeder roads, streets, and factory roads, parks, villages, mountainous and remote areas lighting projects, gardens, schools, squares and other outdoor lighting and other places that need, to help traditional domestic lighting to LED green new energy lighting upgrade.