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1800W Solar Pump for Irrigation in Nigeria

1800W Solar Pump for Irrigation in Nigeria

Project Location:

Onit River Basin, Nigeria

Project Description:

Local farmers in Nigeria's Onit River Basin have rich agriclutural land, but during the dry season, due to there is always power cuts, farmer have a big problems of shortage of irrigation water. This problems affect the growth of their crops.


Even there is always power cuts, but there is abundant solar energy, So after we check the local well conditons, we introduced a 1.8KW DC Solar Water Pump for irrigation to the farmer. This solar pump use high efficiency DC brussless motor, MPPT Solar controller and cheap price. This solution can provide a sustainable irrigation for the agriculture during the dry seasons. This solar pump is with a total head of 60 meters, and water flow is 5m3/hour. So the system pumps more than 30 cubic meters of water per day(6hours).

Social benefits:

Compared with the traditional diesel pumping, the solar water pumping system is a one-time investment, and there is no need to add fuel at a later stage, which not only reduces the energy cost, but also saves the farmers' economic expenses. In the dry season, the system can provide a reliable source of irrigation water, not only help agricultural production, but also improve the income of local farmers.

solar pump irrigation system

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