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      Portable Solar Home System

    • Portable Solar Panels, Lightweight Body

    • Plug and Play, Easy to install and carry

    • Leading Brand Battery: Leoch Battery

    • 2 ways charging: by Wall outlet and Solar Panel

    • Built-in FM Radio and Phone Charing Function

    • Can power DC TV and DC Fan

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      Solar Home System

      SG Series Portable Solar Home System

      SUNVIS SG Series Portable Solar Home System is also called a Portable Solar Generator or DC solar system. It is composed of a solar panel, power box, light bulb, cell phone charging cable, and other accessories. The radio, mobile phone charger, solar controller, and solar battery are integrated into the power box.

      It has DC 12V and USB 5V output. 12V output is for DC12V LED bulb to light your room, 5V output is for charging your mobile phone. 2-6pcs 3W or 5W LED bulbs can light your 2-6 rooms.

      There are also 2pcs 12V big current outputs to power your DC TV and DC fan. The system is plug and play and easy to carry or move around. It is the best solar generator for camping and home lighting.

      SHS Series Portable Solar Home System

      SUNVIS SHS series Portable Solar Home Lighting System is similar in function to the SG series Solar Home System and is mainly used for home lighting and mobile phones Charging. But the SHS series uses a metal case. It is painted and has a high quality.

      The over-charging and over-discharging protection for the built-in controller is to improve the battery life. The standard version is built-in 7AH, 12AH and 17AH lead-acid batteries, 2-6 3W or 5W LED bulbs. It can provide lighting for 2-6 rooms.

      This series of SHS Solar Home System can be replaced with a larger capacity battery to meet your electrical needs.

      Lithium Portable Solar Home System

      As a manufacturer and supplier of solar home systems, we not only manufacture lead-acid solar home systems, we also manufacture lithium-ion Solar Home System. This series solar home system is also called Solar Power Bank for Home, with built-in lithium-ion technology and ABS case. They are smaller and lighter weight.

      This Lithium Solar Home Lighting Kit does not come with a radio, but has an integrated charging function for mobile phones. The light bulb uses three 1W-3W efficient LEDs for different users. Easy to carry and it is the first choice for travelers or campers.

      Portable Solar Generator Applications

      You may ask in what scenario would a small portable solar generator work?

      First of all, let's talk about the characteristics of the small solar system, Portable solar panel, lightweight body, easy to carry, the outer box with a built-in high-capacity lithium battery, have Multiple charging options and various output features.

      Below we will analyze the scenarios for you in which a small solar generator can be used.

      How to Pick the Right Solar Home System For Your Market?

      1. Consider the Suitability of the Solar Home System

      Solar Home System can be large or small, and they all generate different amounts of electricity.

      Solar Home Systems that are too small do not generate enough power to meet the demand for electricity.

      Solar Home Systems that are too large generate too much power to the point of waste.

      Firstly, you should determine the type of solar home power generation equipment: DC Portable Solar Home Systems are purely for home lighting and Phone charging? Or AC Solar Home Systems are for AC appliances? Which should be selected according to the need.

      Next, you should determine the solar home system capacity, estimate the electricity consumption beforehand, and choose the system's size based on daily usage.

      2. Consider the Economics of the Solar Home System

      The larger the systems, the more ample power it will generate daily, and of course, the larger, the better. But on the other hand, the bigger the system, the higher the cost.

      When choosing a reliable home solar power system, you have to consider the economics of the product. Besides, it's about the quality of the solar power equipment itself and the standard of the configuration. The quality of the solar panels directly affects the amount of electricity converted per day; the batteries affect the ability to store electricity, the controllers and inverter affects the stability and longevity of the entire system.

      Therefore, when choosing home solar power equipment, you must consider a variety of factors.

      If you are still have some questions unsolved, please feel free to contact us.

      We have been in the Portable Solar Home System business since 2003 and have supplied hundreds of thousands of portable solar systems for the UNDP project. We can recommend a more suitable portable solar home system for you.

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