Portable Solar Home Lighting System

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    Featurers of Solar Home Lighting System

    • Portable Solar Panels, Lightweight Body
    • Plug and Play, Easy to install and carry
    • Leading Brand Battery: Leoch Battery
    • 2 ways charging: by Wall outlet and Solar Panel
    • Built-in FM Radio and Phone Charing Function
    • Can power DC TV and DC Fan

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    Solar Home System

    Featured Portable Solar Home Lighting System

    Portable Solar Emergency Light

    This portable solar emergency light was created based on feedback, from customers and the demand in the market. It serves as a lighting system that can be combined with 2-4 lights to create a home lighting setup of illuminating up to 4 rooms. Equipped with a built in rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V) it offers the convenience of charging through either Mains Power or Solar Panels.

    Moreover this light features a base and a soft carrying strap allowing it to be securely attached to metal surfaces like cars or refrigerators well as hung on hooks or ropes. Additionally it has the capability to charge your cell phone so that you always have power when you need it.

    Whether you're out camping facing a power outage or simply in need of illumination this solar emergency light is a choice, for customers.

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    New Design Solar Lighting System for Home with Desk Light

    The solar home system is an excellent choice for households or businesses looking for a reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy source. With its easy installation, portability, and durability, it is an ideal choice for powering small homes and businesses.

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    10W/20W/30W/50W Portable Solar Power System

    This series Portable solar power system is with 3-6pcs 3W or 5W LED Bubls. Can charge cellphone and other DC Appliance.

    This system is also capable of powering a DC12V TV and a DC12V Fan, both of which are essential for comfortable living. The solar panels can generate enough electricity to run the TV and fan for long periods of time and can be used in remote areas where access to a reliable power supply is limited.

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    Be Careful When Choosing A New Portable Solar Home System Supplier, The Disappointment Of Low Quality Lasts Much Longer Than The Joy Of Low Prices!


    Portable Solar Generator Applications


    You may ask in what scenario would a small portable solar generator work?

    First of all, let's talk about the characteristics of the small solar system, Portable solar panel, lightweight body, easy to carry, the outer box with a built-in high-capacity lithium battery, have Multiple charging options and various output features.

    Below we will analyze the scenarios for you in which a small solar generator can be used.

    Such as Solar Lighting System for camping, Emergency, Disaster Relief, Remote Home Lighting, Power Outage Backup and Night Market.

    The Ultimate Guide to Solar Home Lighting Systems



    It is no surprise that solar energy has become a popular source of renewable energy in recent years.

    With the rising cost of energy and the erratic supply of electricity locally and where the grid cannot reach, more and more people are turning to solar power to power their homes.

    In this guide, we take a closer look at solar home lighting systems and the features they can offer.

    Why choose a solar home lighting system?

    There are many benefits to choosing a solar home lighting system, including.

    Cost savings: Solar home lighting systems are DC powered and do not require an inverter. One system can provide lighting for 2-6 rooms, which can help users save money in the long run.

    Environmentally friendly: There are still many remote areas where the electricity grid cannot reach and people still use paraffin lamps and candles for lighting, which can be very harmful to children's eyes.

    But the solar lighting system uses LED light source, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can effectively protect children's eyesight.

    Reliable electricity: The solar home lighting system uses solar energy to charge the system and generates electricity whenever there is sunlight.

    It can ensure people's lighting and mobile phone charging without interruption. And it can also power TVs and fans for some special users, providing reliable and efficient power for the home.

    Easy to install: Solar home lighting systems are often easy to install, require no specialist engineers, are plug-and-play and require minimal maintenance.

    How does a solar home lighting system work?

    A portable DC Solar Home Lighting System usually includes: solar panels, a PWM charge controller, lithium batteries and LED lights.

    The solar panel converts sunlight into DC electricity, which is then stored in the built-in lithium battery.

    The charge controller is responsible for controlling the charging and discharging current from the panel to the battery and from the battery to the luminaire. It is full system protection.

    LED lights use the stored electricity to provide bright and efficient lighting for your home.

    Components of a solar home lighting system

    Size of the solar panel: The size of your solar panel will determine the amount of electricity your system can produce. The larger the solar panel, the more power it will produce and the easier it will be to fill the batteries.

    Battery capacity: The battery capacity will determine how long your lights will last in the event of a power outage.

    The larger the battery capacity, the longer it can provide light

    LED lights: the quality of the LED lights will determine the brightness and efficiency of your lighting

    Charge controller: The charge controller is responsible for regulating the charging current.

    An efficient solar controller will convert more solar power, so it is important to choose a high quality controller.

    How to choose the right solar home lighting system?

    There are several important factors to consider when choosing a solar home lighting system, including.
    Determining your market needs: To determine the size of solar home lighting system you need, consider the needs of your local market.

    For example, the number of lights that need to be powered in the average home and how many hours of use per day.

    Whether you need to bring a TV and a fan. Solar lighting systems are not the bigger the better, nor are they the more expensive.

    The best solar lighting system is the one that suits the needs of the local market.

    Choose a reputable supplier: Look for a reputable supplier with extensive experience in solar lighting and who can provide quality products and reliable customer support.

    Such a supplier gives you no worries and no headaches from customer complaints.


    In summary, solar home lighting systems are a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for areas where electricity is limited or unstable.

    These systems harness the power of the sun to provide bright and sustainable lighting for homes, campsites, street vendors and other off-grid locations.

    With the right product and a reliable supplier, users can enjoy the benefits of solar power and never have to worry about power cuts.