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1800W Solar Pump for Irrigation in Nigeria
January 23, 2024

2200KW Solar Pump for Strawberry Orchard in Peru

2200KW Solar Pump for Strawberry Orchard in Peru

Project Location: Peru

Mr Blavia have a strawberry orchard in Peru, but it is far from the power grid, can not use utility to pump the water from the well, so he have to use gas generator instead. But the fuel cost is too high and their day to day operation cost increased a lot, all these problems led to their profit decreased a lot. In order to solve this problem, Blavia turned to us for expert help in achieving efficient irrigation with a solar-powered water pumping system.


To solve Mr Blavia problem, we tailored a 2.2KW Solar water pump for his farm irrigation. this system can lift 60m3 water per day at the head of 60M. It can fully meet his request.

solar pump irrigation system for strewberry orchard

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