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60W Solar Street Light on 7M Pole for Basketball Court
October 17, 2023
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Customized 18000LM Solar Street Light on 10M Pole in the Philippines

Customized 18000LM Solar Street Light on 10M Pole in the Philippines

Project Description:

Project Time: 2023

Installation Site: Philippines

Project Qty: 260 Sets

Configuration: 18000LM Solar Street Light on 10M pole

Customized Solar Street Lights for Philippine Government Project

Client Overview:

Headquartered in China, our company specializes in manufacturing outdoor solar street lights designed primarily for municipal engineering projects. Our client base is diverse and includes municipal engineering contractors, outdoor lighting buyers, importers, road construction companies and related businesses. Recently, we had the opportunity to serve a client in the Philippines who had special requirements for high power solar street lights for a government project.

Customer Needs:

Our Philippine client was involved in a government project that required a high power solar street light capable of being installed at a height of 10 meters with a brightness of 18,000lm. The client required an integrated design that would be easy to install and easy to maintain, and after we learned about their unique needs, we took on the challenge of customizing a high power integrated street light solution to meet these specifications.

Customized Solution:

Based on the client's requirements, we customized a solar street light with the following features:

Powerful Lighting:

Adopting American Pure 3030 LED chip, 220LM/W, the whole lamp brightness is up to 18,000 lumens, which ensures effective illumination of the designated area.

High-efficiency components:

Adopting advanced 182 monocrystalline silicon cell solar panels with efficiency up to 23.8% and brand new Li-FePO4 batteries, 3000 cycles @ 70% DOD for optimal energy absorption to ensure higher performance and longer service life.

Intelligent Lighting Control:

With MPPT intelligent controller, the street light system can work continuously for 12 hours per day, the first 4 hours are full power and the following 2 hours are 50% power, and then 6 hours are 30% power to the dawn.

At the same time, the brightness can be intelligently adjusted according to the battery voltage, so as to achieve the effect that the lights can be lit 365 nights a year.

Client Impact:

Our tailored solar street light solution successfully met the client's requirements, contributing to the success of their government project. The 10-meter installation height, combined with the powerful illumination and intelligent control features, provided an efficient and sustainable lighting solution. They are very satisfied our solution and the lamp brightness. 


Customized Solar Street Light, Government Project, High-Power Lighting, Intelligent Lighting Control, Sustainable Infrastructure.

This case demonstrates our commitment to providing customized solar solutions that align with the unique needs of our clients, ensuring success in their important government initiatives.



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