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Nowadays, more and more government solar street light projects require the installation of remote control systems. This requirement covers numerous considerations, such as more efficient energy management, environmentally friendly energy saving and emission reduction, as well as smarter management methods.

As a professional solar street light supplier, SUNVIS SOLAR stand out with our unique solution integration ability and have won the recognition and favor of many government projects. This is our commitment to promote the development of the lighting industry and create a better future for the city.

What is Remote Monitor System Solution?

Solar street light remote monitoring system, also called IoT system, is the use of remote wireless monitoring module and solar street light controller collection of a solution, this remote monitoring module using 4G wireless network to achieve data communication and transmission.

In addition to the 4G program, we also use the Zigbee solution and LoRA solution. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages.

No matter which program, we have to consider the actual geographic environment, network coverage, as well as the quality of social security and subsequent maintenance costs and so on.

Of course, stability is a comprehensive consideration for us.

Benefits of IoT Solar Street Light System

After solar street light integrates remote monitoring, it can manage street light and street light maintenance more efficiently.

Because the remote monitoring system can real-time display solar panel charging voltage, charging current, street lamp lighting power, device temperature, fault alarm, etc., but also can remotely adjust the street lamp lighting time and brightness, fault location.

This real-time display of information can ensure that the engineering staff to understand the street lamp operating conditions in a timely manner, found faults, timely maintenance. Ensure stable and reliable urban lighting

Real Project Case

At the beginning of 2020, we helped our client to build a smart lighting solution for a UN aid project in Guinea Bissau.

According to the requirements of the project, we suggested the client to optimize the solution, and finally adopted 2G/4G solution, the client was very satisfied with our recommended solution.

Compared with general solar lighting, the advantage of intelligent lighting system is that it is very easy to control, and plays a very important role in the smart city.

The brightness of the lights can be adjusted at once, which is very convenient, and the positioning of each light can be found accurately, which is very easy to control.

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