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      Since its establishment in 2003, SUNVIS has been committed to research and development, production and promotion of high quality solar street lights, and provide one-stop solar lighting solution and professional services for our customers.

      We offer the entire set of solar street lights with a 3 years warranty and 24/7 after-sales service.

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      2How much is the Solar Street Light?

      Full set of solar street lights includes: light poles, LED lamps, solar panels, batteries and controllers, etc., The different configurations, the prices are not the same.

      The solar street light price can only be determined if these basic parameters are determined. But we assure you that we will provide you with the best price and the best service.

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      The quality of street lights on the market currently varies, and poor quality products will bring you no end of trouble.

      SUNVIS has been manufacturing street lights for 17 years, we have a stable sales staff, you can easily contact them no matter when or where you are.

      We have been supplying UNDP and UNHCR projects with consistent quality street lights for more than 5 years !

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      At present, there are many solar street lights manufacturers in China. Also, solar street light manufacturer in India and USA, they manufacture different types of solar led street lights. But, the quality of the LED Solar Street Lamps varies, many customers do not know how to choose the right commercial Solar Street Light, Now, We will guide you how to select the best solar street lights for your project.

      The main thing about solar street lights is the Lifetime of the Solar Street Light System, the Lamp Brightness and the Autonomy days in rainy or cloudy days!

      First, Solar Street Light Lifetime:

      There are several factors to consider the life expectancy of the entire lamp.

      1. LED Constant Current Driver Lifespan

      Solar street light manufacturer often tells customers that they use the best LED chips, the best battery, so their Solar Street Light life is the longest.

      In fact, the solar LED street lights are using DC power driver, it is low voltage, but high current. So each component is very critical, as small as a connector resistance, wire resistivity.

      Of course, the actual use of solar lights has been proven that the Solar street light lifespan is mainly dependent on the battery lifespan and LED Driver lifespan.

      Take the LED chip an example, LED chip recognized life is 50,000-100,000 hours, but the conventional technology of LED driver constant current driver has an electronic component electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor life is generally 3-5 years, which determines the life of the LED driver.

      Solar Street Light Controller

      Our company uses the LED driver is a constant current solar controller, not only solves the compatibility problem of LED constant current source driver and solar street light controller, but also it does not need electrolytic capacitors, thus the LED driver life is not limited by the capacitor. So our solar street light life time is same as solar panel life.  

      2. Battery Life

      Usually, most of the solar street light manufacturer and supplier use AGM or GEL batteries for split solar street light, and Lithium Battery or LiFePO4 Battery are for All In One Solar Street Light. this kind of AGM or GEL battery lifetime is about 3-5 years, but our technology can do 8-10 years, this is because the life of the battery is mainly affected by the number of deep cycles and the working environment temperature.

      We have the patented technology that can save 70-85% power energy and greatly extending the cycle time of the battery deep cycle.

      In addition, the working environment temperature of the battery has a great influence on the life span, we use nano technology in the battery to make it breathable and waterproof, and bury the battery below the permafrost layer to make our battery get the best working temperature of 20-25 degrees, while most of the conventional solar street lights install the battery on the pole or the ground (because there is no waterproof design).

      So you can imagine that in the hot summer, the temperature of the battery box is so high that for every 10 degrees increase in temperature, the battery life is reduced by half.

      Second, the Brightness of the Whole Lamp

      Solar LED Street light is not to say that the greater the power of the light source the better, there are many LED solar street light manufacturers overstated the LED power, or to reduce costs to buy low-lumen LED chips.

      In fact, to achieve the same brightness, the lower the lamp power the better, It means it is energy saving. Now on the market, other companies' LED light efficiency is in the 80-100Lm/W, and high light decay, the light decay of 1 year is to 15% -30%.

      But our LED light source are with high quality LED chip and patented technology of low light decay structure and process, the luminous efficiency reaches 140-160Lm/W, light decay 10000 hours is less than 4%, the actual light decay is only 2-3%. So our LED lamp life span is much longer than other solar street light companies.

      Third, Autonomy days in Rainy or Cloudy Days

      At present, most of the LED solar street lamps can achieve only 2-3 days of continuous rainy days, which is far from meeting the requirements of climate change around the world, because most of the regions have more than 3-7 days of continuous rainy days, but our solar street lights can reach 3-5 times the conventional technology with the same configuration, and up to 35 days of continuous rainy and cloudy days of continuous light.

      Why is that?

      Our patented solar street light controller can make our solar LED street lights 70-85% energy-saving, that means our solar street light power consumption is only 20% of the same configuration of conventional solar LED lights

      So if the conventional technology can do six days of rainy weather, we can do nearly 30 days of continuous lighting in rainy days.

      How did we do it?

      The principle is as follows.

      1: The solar street lighting LED light source adopts digital drive technology (solar special constant current integrated controller), which saves 20% electricity compared to conventional technology.

      Solar street lights use the light source is LED, and LED light is needed to drive a constant current source of LED, conventional constant current source needs to consume about 20% of the power of the entire lamps, while we use LED digital constant current source drive technology, the controller's power consumption is only 0.0625 (IC) W, almost negligible, which makes our company LED street lights power consumption savings of nearly 20%.

      2: Solar Special Constant Current Controller, Intermittent Power Supply, Power saving nearly 50%.

      Conventional technology solar LED street lights must work continuously and constantly powered to the lamps, but our LED digital constant current driver, using intermittent switch power supply to the LED light source. It can achieve the LED chip half of the time with electricity and half of the time without electricity in the unit time, which immediately makes our solar street lamp energy saving 50%.

      After long time tested, the actual energy saving is more than 47.3%. The lamp temperature rise and light decay are 30-40% lower than conventional constant current technology. Extremely short switching time, the human eye and analog luminance meter is not able to sense.

      3: Dim Mode can save more than 15% power.

      dim mode lighting

      In the second half of the night, the road pedestrians and vehicles will be greatly reduced, so you can set an energy-saving mode in the second half of the night, making the LED light source power slowly reduced to the power you want, and then maintained until dawn, while other supplier`s solar street light are suddenly dropped to a target value, so that the pedestrians and vehicles are very unfavorable;

      Generally, our dim mode in the second half of the night can energy-saving about 15%, to ensure that there is enough brightness.

      You can call or send an email to consult these specific configuration and the actual operation of the program, for a detailed understanding, we will provide you with the optimal configuration according to your needs, to achieve real energy saving and environmental protection!

      From the above analysis and comparison, I believe you have come up with the answer you want.