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      17 Years of Experience Solar Street Light Manufacturer in China

      SUNVIS SOLAR is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of solar street lights based in China.

      At SUNVIS SOLAR factory, we offer three of the best selling solar LED street light systems. In our All In One, All In Two and Solar LED Post Top Light ranges, we carefully oversee every step of the process from raw material sourcing to manufacturing.

      We use high quality CREE, Philips, or Bridgelux LED chips for our light fixtures and you will find high quality LED luminaires that combine with lithium iron phosphate batteries and high conversion solar panels for maximum efficiency and longer life.

      We supply LED solar street light products to engineering contractors, wholesalers and distributors around the world. What`s the great about our company is that we cater for OEM products and custom solar LED lighting systems for your project if you need a solar light that is not on our list

      Solar LED Street Lighting

      High Quality and Affordable All In One, All In Two Solar Street Lights, and Solar LED Post Top Lights are available for a wide range of applications

      Solar Street Light Customization
      For Your Project Orders

      We are a well-experienced in handling custom solar street light for different Municipal street light projects.

      With our expertise and experience, utilising the most advanced lighting technologies, you will get the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solar lighting solutions for meeting the requests of your customers.

      Contact us with your requirements list, and we will create a tailored solar lights solution for you. Just let us know your needs, such as:

      • Installation site
      • Mounting height
      • Brightness requirements
      • Lighting hours per day
      • Number of back-up rainy days

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      Solar Street Light General Information

      Solar street lighting provides a sustainable and economical solution compared to conventional LED street lights. They use renewable energy from the sun to power the lights, meaning they don’t contribute to climate change or environmental pollution. They’re also easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for remote and off-grid locations.

      The poles of these solar street lights are made from Q235 steel hot-dip galvanised then finished with a plastic spray, and the LED luminaires are made from die-cast aluminium profiles that are corrosion resistant and can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions for installation, including sandy and salt spray environments.


      By using CREE LED 220LM/W, 140° LED chips to get most bright and wide range lighting area.

      Aluminium lamp housing, lightweight, good heat dissipation, rust-free

      Adjustable angle mounting bracket for different mounting locations

      Replaceable lithium iron phosphate batteries for long life and trouble-free operation

      MPPT charge controller with motion sensor and time control for maximum energy saving and guaranteed lighting on rainy days

      Can be customized to meet the specific needs of different applications.



      Solar street lights provide a range of benefits, including:

      Energy efficiency, clean and sustainable lighting

      Easy installation and maintenance.

      Operate without the need for wiring or an external power source,

      A great choice for remote and off-grid locations.

      Increased Safety

      Improved Reliability

      Solar Street Light Applications

      All-in-one solar street lights are designed for a variety of applications, including:

      • Residential areas: Lighting up residential areas, parks, and gardens.
      • Rural areas: Rural areas where there is no access to electricity or where the power grid is unreliable.
      • Commercial areas: Lighting up commercial areas, such as shopping centers, office buildings, and industrial parks.
      • Government projects: Used in government projects, such as public parks, schools, and libraries, due to their energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.
      • Roadways and highways: Light up roadways and highways, providing both safety and energy savings.
      • Parking lots and garages: Lighting up parking lots and garages, providing both safety and security for drivers and their vehicles.
      • Military and defense facilities: Used in military and defense facilities, providing reliable and secure lighting in remote locations.


      Solar Street Light Projects We Have Done

      As one of the best solar LED street lighting company in China, SUNVIS solar products conform or exceed the CE/IEC/UL/TUV industry standards,.

      That's why we have won many projects orders from the United Nations.


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