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      China TOP 10 ALL In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer and Supplier

      As a Professional All In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer and Supplier, we offer different solar street light systems for Government, City Construction Projects, or for Wholesale and Distribution Projects. In our all in one and split solar street light series, you will find the best quality LED luminaires with Mono PV panels combined for maximum lighting efficiency and energy savings. Made of stainless steel poles with hot-dipped and powder-coated and Branded LED chips from the USA, these solar lighting systems provide reliable lighting for small to large areas. And it can withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

      Advantages of All in One Solar Street Light

    • All in One Design; Easy to Install; Save Your Labor Cost

    • 2000 Cycles LiFePO4 Battery Last 5-7 years, Maintenance-free

    • No Wiring Required and Not Limited by Installation Location

    • Night sensor + PIR Motion Sensor to Save Power

    • Widely Installed in Cities Roads, Communities, Factories, and Parking Lots

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      all in one Solar Street Light

      SGL-675 10W All In One Solar Light for Pathway

      SUNVIS 10W Solar Pathway Light also called Solar Yard Light or Solar LED light, it is with ABS material, small and light weight. It can light your yard, door or parking area. It can work as solar parking lot lights. You can wholesale or retail it in shops or supermarket. SUNVIS Manufacture this model light 5000pcs per month

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      12W Solar Panel10W super bright LED11.1V 4Ah | 44.4Wh Lithium ion batteryYES
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      SGL-688 10W All In One Solar Light for Garden

      SGL-688 10W Solar Street light is similar as SGL-675, But the size is a little bigger and it uses metal case and LiFePO4 battery, it can last 5-7 years. It is a small size Solar Street Light.

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      13W Solar Panel10W super bright LED3.2V 18Ah 57.6Wh LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsYES
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      SGL-618 15W All In One Solar LED Street Light for Parks

      SGL-618 All in One Solar Street Light is with 15W LED Lamp, it is very bright. The solar panel, battery and Solar Controller are integrated into the light fixture. It is very easy to install this solar light. The battery can be changed to LiFePO4 Battery

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      20W Solar Panel10W super bright LED11.1V 10Ah Lithium Battery, 800 cyclesYES
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      SGL-603 Series 20W Integrated Solar LED Street Light for Parks

      The 20W solar street light is the most powerful solar street light in the power range. With a LED lamp, it can provide a top-effective lighting for your street or yard.

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      45W Solar Panel20W super bright LED12.8V 18Ah Lithium Battery, 2000 cyclesYES
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      SGL-603 Series 30W-50W All In One Solar Street Light

      SGL-603 Series all in one solar street light is modular design, It is very easy to change the components. The LED lamp is 25W, 35W and 45W available. The battery can be Lithium or LiFePO4 Battery according to your project requirement

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      60W Solar Panel30W super bright LED24Ah LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsYES
      70W Solar Panel40W super bright LED30Ah LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsYES
      80W Solar Panel50W super bright LED36Ah LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsYES
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      SGL-603-60W All In One Solar Street Light for Roadways

      This 60W All in one solar LED light is hot sell in solar street light. This LED Solar Street Light has been exported to Sudan, Syria and Nigeria for UNDP Project. It is good for street light, roadway lighting and Parking lot. Many Clients have appoint SUNVIS as the main Solar Street Light Manufacturer in China for their project.

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      110W Solar Panel60W super bright LED54Ah LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsYES
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      Welcome to OEM/ODM Solar Street Light for Your Next Project

      As the leader of solar street light in China, our products are exported to many countries. After years of development, we have many kinds of different models all in one solar street light and all in two solar street light series. It is the most economical, highest performance and best appearance in the whole industry at present.

      In order to make sure the solar lamps performance, the parts we use are all ISO, IEC, TUV, ROHS and CE approved. We test one by one for each batch and make sure it can work well after delivery.

      solar street light family

      All In One Solar Street Light Information:
      Definitive Guide

      What is an All In One Solar Street Light?

      All In One Solar Street Light, also known as integrated solar street light, is a stand-alone solar street light system.

      It combines high-efficiency solar panels, long life of lithium iron phosphate batteries/LiFePO4 batteries, super bright LED and intelligent controller, PIR human sensor module, anti-theft installation bracket into a whole light fixture.

      Sometimes people also call it integrated solar roadway lighting or outdoor solar pole light.

      In a word, it is a solar lighting system that lighting for roads.

      What is integrated solar street light?

      60W integrated solar street light

      The integrated solar street light is all-in-one kind of lighting system. Its main components are one or two LED lamps, power converting controller, rechargeable battery and the panel.

      They are integrated into one unit. The solar panel’s main function is to absorb solar energy during the day and illuminate at night. It is easy to install and maintain. It does not need to lay cables all over the place, because it is powered by inside battery, no need AC power.

      What is semi integrated solar street light

      semi integrated solar street light with sensor

      Semi integrated solar street light it is the combination of battery and led light, but not the solar panel.

      We also call it as all in two solar street light. We also call him a two-in-one solar light, the advantage of semi-integrated solar street light is that the solar panels are not limited by the size of the lamps and lanterns, and can be configured to fit the size of the project according to the project requirements.

      We can supply you the solar panels and led light separately. The customer bought the semi integrated solar street light and charged the battery by big solar panel.

      Because we install both solar panels and led lights in one pole, we call it semi integrated solar streetlight.

      The most popular integrated solar lamp in China is 30W integrated solar street lamp and 60W integrated solar street lamp, because their price is not very high, but very bright.

      How does all in one solar street light work?

      During the daytime, when the sun is good, the solar panels absorb solar power and convert it into electrical energy, and then charge the build in Lithium battery through the smart solar street light controller. The Lithium battery will store the electricity. It is the same as the Solar Home System Charging function.

      At night, the battery provides power to the LED light source to power the lighting function. The solar street light controller can ensure that the battery is not damaged by overcharging or over-discharging. It has the features of light control, time control, temperature compensation, and lightning protection, anti-corrosive and anti-corrosive, Polarity protection, and other functions.

      There is a PIR sensor built in the solar street light, 100% bright when a person is moving under the street light. The brightness will automatically change to 1/3 bright when no one is moving for a specified period, intelligent adjustment of brightness, save more battery power.

      all in one solar street light working mode

      What are the advantages of All in One Solar Street Light?

      1: The biggest advantage of lithium-ion all in one LED solar street lights is to save expensive of installation, construction, and commissioning, as well as product transportation costs, usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional solar street lights.

      2 There is a LiFePO4 Battery in the integrated solar street. It can last 5-8 years greatly reduce the cost of future after-sales service and parts replacement. Even after eight years to be replaced, due to the unique product structure design, users can finish the replacement in just a few minutes without technical support and professional training.

      What are solar street light components?

      solar street light components

      1、Solar panel

      The solar panel is the core component of the solar street light; it will change solar energy into electricity and storage in the battery. There are mainly three types of solar panels: Mono Solar Panel, Poly Solar Panel, and amorphous silicon solar panel.

      If the location is not enough sunshine, the mono solar panel is better, and It has high conversion efficiency.

      If the location is perfect sunshine, Poly solar panel is better; it is cheaper than a mono solar panel.

      If the location is in the lack of sunshine, amorphous solar better is good. The amorphous solar panel is good at low light performance.



      The function of the battery is to store electrical energy and gives power to the LED source at night. The battery is mainly lead-acid battery, lithium Battery, LiFePO4 Battery, Ni_MH battery, Ni-Cd battery.

      Lead Acid Battery is heavyweight and Big; It is suitable for split solar street light; Because you can put the battery underground.

      Lithium and LiFePO4 battery is a lightweight, small size, and big capacity, they are great for all in one solar street light. The lithium battery is about 500-800 recycle times. LiFePO4 battery is about 2000 recycles times.

      solar-street-light-LiFePO4 battery

      Ni-MH and Ni-CD battery are also and lightweight, but it is a small capacity, it is suitable for solar garden light or solar wall light.

      3: Smart Solar Controller

      In a solar street lighting system, an essential component is a solar controller. The solar controller is to protect the battery not damaged by over charger and over-discharge and also control the lighting mode.


      4: LED light source

      There are many types of street light sources in the market in China, such as sodium light, energy saver, led light, etc. Because LED light is with long life span, small size, and low voltage, it is the most widely used light source of the current solar street light.

      street light led module

      5: Light fixture shell

      Usually, the materials of light fixture shell are ABS, metal, and aluminum.

      ABS and Metal material is mainly used in small solar garden light.

      Aluminum material is mainly used in big power all in one solar street light. Because big power street light gives much heat, and aluminum is good for heat dissipation

      SOLAR LED Street light fixture

      6: Lamppost

      The post height of the light needs to be determined based on the road width, installation location, and usage scenario.

      LED Solar street light pole

      7: PIR SENSOR:

      Now there are two most common sensors; one is an infrared sensor; its sensing distance is within 6-8 meters. The other one is a microwave sensor; the sensing distance is 10-12 meters.

      We will choose the right sensor according to the pole height and usage scenario.


      All-in-one solar street light configuration

      The solar street light configuration mainly depends on the width of your road and your lighting requirements.

      The road's width will determine how high the poles will be and how big the light source will be.

      Lighting requirements refer to how long the light will be on every night and how many rainy days the street light will be on. We need this information to calculate the size of the solar panels and batteries.

      According to our previous market experience, we suggest the parameters are as follows.

      1. Install 8-10M height: usually choose the power is 60-80W. These light are high power, high brightness, broad irradiation range. These lights are very suitable for urban road and highway lighting.

      2. Installation 5-6M height: Usually choose the power is 30W-45W. These light are high brightness, big power. These lights are suitable for rural areas, neighborhoods, parks, and other sidewalks or the 8-12M highway's width.

      3. the installation of 4-5M height: usually choose the power is 15W-30W, they are small power, cost-effective. These solar lights are suitable for rural areas, communities, parks, and other sidewalks or the width of 6-10M roadways.

      4. Installation height below 3M: usually choose 5W-10W. They are small power, low price. They are very suitable for the courtyard, park jogging path lighting.

      Buying Guide All In One Solar Street Light – Strategies For How To Get Started?

      Remember: A right product multiplies sales, and an excellent product speaks for itself.

      First: Make sure that the solar panel is full power; there are no surface scratches, no color difference, and high efficiency. All these points will affect the solar panel life span and charging capability.

      Second: the controller is the control part of the integrated solar light, the controller should have over-charge over-discharge protection, and waterproof. Once the controller has problems, the whole set of solar street lights cannot work.

      Third: There are many LED chip manufacturers in the market, but with good quality LED Chip manufacturers are still a small number. So, choosing the branded light source is the most critical step to ensure quality; otherwise, there may be a failure or even damage to the application of solar street lights, resulting in a negative impact.

      Fourth: Check the solar street light pole material and specifications. Some suppliers lack the pole diameter and pole thickness. They use low-quality steel, cold galvanized, and poor treatment process on the surface.

      These problems will be resulting in weak wind resistance and cause the surface plastic layer off in a short time discoloration, rust, and other issues.

      Fifth: The Solar Street Light price, we all know that every penny counts. If the price is too low, there must be a problem. Either they reduced the quality of accessories, or they are offering fake parameter data. Cheap price solar street lights must have a quality problem, the future maintenance costs will be much higher;

      Your Company's reputation will be affected, and there is a risk of losing more future solar street light project from government or contractors.

      Why do you buy All In One Solar Street Light from us, Not other Solar Street Light Supplier?


      As a 17 Years' experience professional solar street light manufacturer, SUNVIS has been supplying solar street lights and Solar Home System to UNDP since 2012.

      We do pre-shipment inspection by SGS for each shipment, on-site testing of light pole thickness, Light source brightness, battery capacity, and control section.

      So far, there has never been any problem that is not in line with the project requirements.

      How do you install a Solar Street Light?

      1. Choose the best lighting location to set up the poles; You should make sure the installation location is far from the building, trees or other tall building. Or it will affect the charging efficiency. Poles should be 6-8M, Top diameter 50-90mm; the thickness of the pole should be more than 2.0mm iron or steel light poles.

      street light installation

      2. Before installing the street light, you should check every component is in the package.

      3. If the all in one solar street with mains supplement, you will need to pre-wire the cable in the pole and bring in the wire on the top mount side of the pole. Connect the cable to the luminaire input cable while making sure the power is disconnected. Then insulate the connectors.

      4. Press the switch button on the lamp body; cover the Solar panel to see if the lamp will light on.

      5. Put the mounting bracket of the integrated solar light into the pole, and use special tools to fix the security screws to ensure the light is stable.

      How to maintain your Solar Street light?

      In normal use, regular maintenance of solar street lights can extend the life of street lights.

      The main thing is to maintain the solar panel, whether tree branches, leaves, or other objects directly on the solar panel. Is it in the shaded areas, and does the surface have cracks, dusty or dirty?

      Regular cleaning of the solar panel surface can ensure the solar panel charging efficiency stable.

      The application of solar street lights

      The solar street light system is a stand-alone off-grid solar power system. It is not limited by mountains, rivers, hills, etc. not affected by the location of the power installation. You do not need to dig out the road to do wiring and pipe construction.

      Both on-site assembly and installation are very convenient, do not need transmission and distribution systems, do not consume utility power, Earth-health protection, and energy-saving.

      It is very convenient to add solar street lights, especially for the roads that have been built. Especially in the far from the grid of the road lights, outdoor advertising billboards, bus station applications, and money-based benefits are visible.


      Solar street light market prospects

      Solar Street light uses solar energy as a source because its power supply is not affected by Mains, trenching and buried lines, and no electricity consumption;

      you can install everywhere as long as the sunlight is sufficient. And due to not pollute the environment, it is known as a green product. Solar street lights can be used for town parks, roads, lawn lighting, and also can be used for sparsely populated, inconvenient traffic, far from the grid, but Solar energy resource-rich areas, to solve the problem of domestic lighting and outdoor lighting in these areas.

      Excellent performance and competitive price in the market will have a great future.


      Only SUNVIS manufactures the best All In One Solar Street Light in the world today.

      The quality and performance of the All In One Solar Street Light can be proven through our product presentation and worldwide projects.

      When you have a request, SUNVIS always considers it of great importance and our team will take care of you from the actual Solar Street Light presentation to finish the installation.

      We test all the All In One Solar Street Lights before delivery; we will send you the best price list of solar street light you require. Contact SUNVIS to support your business.

      SUNVIS, as a professional All In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer and Supplier in China, has been committed to developing more solar lighting solutions and PV Solar products that fit the needs of the market.