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    SUNVIS All In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer


    SUNVIS is an All In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer based in China and our factory has delivered over 10,000pcs all in one solar street lights to UNDP, UNOPS and UNHCR projects in Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Our street lights are built-in ultra-long life lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are resistant to high temperatures and the earliest batch is over 8 years and all street lights are now running well.

    Based on market changes and customer feedback, we have developed a new generation of all in one solar street lights with a power range from 20W to 250W, which meets the requirements of municipal solar street lights. We have also developed a variety of different mounting brackets to facilitate the direct replacement of traditional road lights on existing poles, which has resulted in significant savings in project costs.

    To meet the demand of households for solar lighting, we have also developed economic models of integrated solar street lights, which are cheap, easy to install and maintenance-free, and are popular among importers and wholesalers.

    Please refer to the below all in one solar street lights and choose the right one for your market.

    Integrated Solar Street Light

    The integrated solar street light combines a LiFePO4 battery, solar panel, and controller for a complete lighting solution. Its adjustable LED light and panel positioning optimize energy efficiency and beam direction. A microwave motion sensor adds to the battery's autonomy. 

    Custom Solar Street Light For Your Project

    We offer a one-stop shop for customised LED solar street lighting that can meet the lighting needs of your any project.

    With our expertise and experience, you will get the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for meeting the requests of your customers.

    FX All In One Solar Street Light

    The lamp body is made of dia casting aluminium to withstand high temperatures and prevent rusting, and the LEDs are modular for easy replacement. The mounting angle of the street light is adjustable for different pole installations. Available in various wattages including 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W and 120W.


    • Patented design allows you to avoid price competition
    • By using CREE 220LM/W, 140° beam angle LED Chip for a wider irradiation area
    • Lithium iron phosphate battery, 2000 cycles @ 80% DOD
    • Optional CCTV monitoring for remote monitoring
    • Energy saving and environmental protection, preferred by municipal street lights
    • All-in-one design, easy to install and save labour costs

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    Classic All In One Solar Street Light

    The light body is made of aluminium profiles, light and beautiful, rust and dust proof. The LED module can be composed of different power levels, up to 250W. It can be installed directly on existing poles using hoops and diagonal braces, replacing traditional street lights.


    • Classic design, brace mounting, can be installed on existing poles
    • LED modules can be made up to 20W-250W
    • By using CREE 220LM/W, 140° beam angle LED Chip for a wider lighting area
    • Installed PIR Sensor and time control to save power for long time lighting
    • Lithium iron phosphate battery, 8-10 years service life
    • Optional CCTV camera, IoT function

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    MJ Integrated Solar Street Light

    The MJ series integrated solar led street light is made of ABS plastic in one piece and is resistant to high temperatures. Lightweight and compact in size. Inexpensive and perfect for wholesale and retail.


    • Power range from 100-300W
    • Installation height: 3-5m
    • Material: ABS+PC
    • 3.2V lithium battery, low voltage system, more efficiency
    • Working with Radar Sensor
    • Discharge Time: 4-5 rainy days
    • Installation: Wall/Pole Mounted
    • Suitable for home yards, parks, pavements, etc

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    Benefits of installing Integrated Solar Street Lights

    AIO Solar Street Light Applications

    All-in-one solar street lights are designed for a variety of applications, including:

    • Residential areas: Lighting up residential areas, parks, and gardens.
    • Rural areas: Rural areas where there is no access to electricity or where the power grid is unreliable.
    • Commercial areas: Lighting up commercial areas, such as shopping centers, office buildings, and industrial parks.
    • Government projects: Used in government projects, such as public parks, schools, and libraries, due to their energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.
    • Roadways and highways: Light up roadways and highways, providing both safety and energy savings.
    • Parking lots and garages: Lighting up parking lots and garages, providing both safety and security for drivers and their vehicles.
    • Military and defense facilities: Used in military and defense facilities, providing reliable and secure lighting in remote locations.


    Projects We Have Done

    As one of the best solar LED street lighting company in China, SUNVIS solar products conform or exceed the CE/IEC/UL/TUV industry standards,.

    That's why we have won many projects orders from the United Nations.


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