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      solar floodlight

      Garden Solar Floodlight with Remote

      This solar floodlight has a remote control, which can control the lighting time (3H, 5H and 8H) and brightness (full and semi-bright) of the solar light. At the same time, this remote control also has three kinds of switches. Light mode, can automatically turn on and off the brightness, and can also be manually turned on and off

      Warm Solar Floodlight with Remote

      High Powered Solar Floodllight

      Solar Floodllight with Camera

      This Solar Floodlight with Camera is our patented product, which aims to provide users with integrated lighting and security services. "High-definition surveillance", "5G IoT", "ultra-low power consumption", "strong endurance", "stable signal without dropping", and "outstanding light efficiency" are the main advantages of this product. The lamp body has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which relies on the solar panel to absorb sunlight energy and convert it into electric energy, which is stored in the battery, and then supplied to the solar lamp and monitoring work. The monitoring operation needs to be connected to WiFi, which can be viewed in real time, remotely switched lights or replayed through the mobile APP. The solar floodlamp with CCTV are widely used in family courtyards, farms, orchards, etc.

      As an experienced solar floodlight supplier and manufacturer, we have always been committed to developing products that are adapted to the market

      Solar Floodlight-The Ultimate Importing Guide

      Are you planning to add solar floodlights to your solar product category?

      Are you worried about being ripped off for importing solar floodlights?

      Are you looking for realiable Solar Floodlight supplier, wholesales or manufacturer?

      Whatever your reason, you've definitely come to the right place.

      The good news is that by the end of this guide, you'll not only have an easy time choosing the best solar floodlight for you, but you'll also have an easy time communicating more in-depth product details with your solar floodlight supplier.

      Let's start discussing what these solar floodlights are and how they are classified and what they are used for.

      Let's get straight to the point.

      1. What is Solar Floodlight?
      2. How many types of solar floodlight?
      3. What is included of solar floodlight?
      4. What is the material of solar floodlight
      5. What is the material of solar panel for the solar floodlight?
      6. What kinds of batteries do solar floodlight have?
      7. What is the power of solar floodlight?
      8. What is the IP Grade for solar floodlight? Are solar lights waterproof?
      9. Do solar floodlight switch on at night?
      10. How many meters is the sensing distance of the solar floodlight?
      11. What is the difference between solar floodlight and solar spot light?
      12. Where can you use the solar floodlight?
      13. How to install the solar floodlight?
      14. Can you brand our logo on the solar floodlight?
      15. What kinds of certificate does the solar floodlight have?
      16. How to pack th solar floodlight?
      17. How to ship the solar floodlight?
      18. How to choose the best solar floodlight manufacturer or wholesaler?
      19. Where to buy solar floodlight?

      1. What is Solar Floodlight?

      Solar floodlight is also called solar security light. During the day, the solar panel charges the lithium battery built into the floodlight, and the lithium battery powers the light at night.

      It is mainly installed outdoors for night lighting. Smaller than solar street lights, it is widely used in home outdoor lighting and park lighting.

      2. How many types of solar floodlight?

      At present, there are various solar floodlights on the market, roughly in the following categories:

      Solar floodlight with camera

      Solar floodlight without camera

      Solar floodlight with motion/PIR sensor

      Solar floodlight with remote control

      Solar floodlight with timer

      Solar floodlight with switch

      The styles of lamps produced by each solar floodlight manufacturer are different, but the functions are basically similar

      3. What is included of solar floodlight?

      A complete set of solar floodlights is composed of the following accessories.

      Solar PV Module

      Solar Controller

      Lithium Battery

      Lamp fixture

      LED Chip

      solar floodlight components

      4. What is the material of solar floodlight?

      It can be seen from the above that the solar floodlamp is a set of solar lighting system composed of different accessories.

      The material and quality of these accessories will determine the quality and price of the solar floodlight. So, let’s analyze the material of each accessory. What's the difference

      1. Solar Panel with plastic frame
      SV-FL-2W SOLAR

      In order to save costs, some small solar flood lamps use plastic frames. This solar panel is mainly used in 2W-5W

      The advantage is that they are beautiful in appearance and low in price.

      The disadvantage is that after years of sunlight, the plastic will age, and finally cause the solar panel to fall off.

      2. Solar panel with aluminum frame

      The other is the solar panel with aluminum alloy frame.

      Aluminum alloy is sturdy and durable, and will not fall off due to aging.

      It is mainly used on large solar panels, usually above 10W, and the cost is higher than the price of plastic frames. But longer life

      60W double solar floodlight
      3. Lamp fixture with aluminum case

      The lamp fixture material of the lamp body also has different materials.

      The advantages of aluminum alloy shell are light weight, good heat dissipation performance, good thermal conductivity, but the disadvantage is high price.

      Generally, high-end solar floodlights are made of aluminum alloy shell.

      4. Lamp fixture with cast iron case

      The shell made of cast iron material has the advantages of high hardness, not easy to deform, and low price, but the weight is bulky, the thermal conductivity is poor, and it is not conducive to heat dissipation.

      You know the solar floodlight is installed outdoors, it must be exposed to direct sunlight all year round.

      If the heat dissipation performance is not good, it will seriously affect the life of the product, So now many solar floodlight manufacturers use aluminum alloy shells instead of cast iron case. C

      5. What is the material of solar panel for the solar floodlight?

      There are mainly three types of solar panels on the market:

      solar panel

      Monocrystalline solar panels: high conversion efficiency, slightly higher unit price, long life span, up to 25 years

      Polycrystalline solar panels: The conversion efficiency is slightly lower than that of monocrystalline solar panels, the unit price is low, and the life span is up to 25 years.

      Amorphous solar panels: low conversion efficiency, low price, short life span, about 10 years.

      small solar panel

      In fact, if the power of the solar panel is the same, there is no need to consider the conversion rate.

      A higher conversion rate means a smaller size, a lower conversion rate and a larger size. The amount of electricity generated is the same.

      6. What kinds of batteries do solar floodlight have?

      At present, the applications of solar floodlight batteries are mostly divided into the following categories:

      1. Lead-acid battery: low price, suitable for low-temperature and high-rate discharge; sealed and maintenance-free; but attention should be paid to prevent lead-acid pollution, and it is too heavy and will be phased out

      Solar lamp with lead acid battery

      2. Nickel-cadmium batteries: strong, cheap, economical and durable, and good low-temperature performance; but attention should be paid to prevent cadmium metal from polluting the environment

      3. Ni-MH battery: high-rate charge and discharge performance is good, no pollution, green battery; but the service life can only be 200-300 cycles

      4. Lithium iron phosphate battery: good high temperature performance, large capacity, high charge and discharge efficiency, light weight, environmentally friendly and pollution-free; high price, but long life, up to 2000 cycles.

      solar floodlight components

      Therefore, many solar floodlight manufacturers tend to choose lithium iron phosphate batteries, but some manufacturers use second-hand batteries to fight price wars, which poses a major safety hazard to the quality of the products.

      If you want to choose a long-term safe and reliable supplier, please contact us

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      7. What is the power of solar floodlight?

      As a solar floodlight factory, we are often asked what is the maximum power of the solar floodlight, and whether there are 200W, 300W and 500W.

      The following are the solar lights with the largest shipments in recent years for your reference

      different power of solar light

      30W Solar flood light, lighting area: around 60 square meters

      60W Solar flood light, lighting area: around 120 square meters

      100W High Powered Solar flood light, lighting area: around 200 square meters

      200W High Powered Solar flood light, lighting area: around 300 square meters

      8. What is the IP Grade for solar floodlight? Are solar lights waterproof?

      IP level is the protection level for the enclosure of electrical equipment against the intrusion of foreign objects. Generally, outdoor lighting fixtures should be above IP65.

      IP65 to prevent the intrusion of sprayed water. Prevent water from the nozzle from all directions from entering the lamp and causing damage.

      IP66 to prevent the intrusion of large waves The lamps installed on the deck can prevent damage caused by the invasion of large waves.

      IP67 to prevent water intrusion when immersed in water The lamps are immersed in water for a certain period of time or the water pressure is below a certain standard to ensure that no damage is caused by water ingress.

      IP68 prevents water intrusion when sinking. The lamp can be submerged indefinitely under the specified water pressure to ensure that it will not be damaged due to water ingress.

      SUNVIS Solar Floodlight are equipped with a waterproof ring, so they can reach the IP68 level and are completely waterproof

      9. Do solar floodlamp switch on at night?

      The lights are on at dark and the lights are off at dawn. In addition to the light control, the solar floodlamp control method also has a variety of modes to control the switch system of the flood lamps.

      1. Pure light control

      When there is no sunlight, the light intensity drops to the starting point. After the controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the start signal, the load is turned on according to the set parameters, and the load starts to work;

      When there is sunlight, the light intensity rises to the starting point, and the controller delays by 10 After confirming the shutdown signal within minutes, the output will be turned off and the load will stop working.

      2. Light control + time control

      The start-up process is the same as pure light control, when the load is working to the set time, it will automatically shut down, and the set time is 1 to 14 hours.

      3. Manual mode

      In this mode, users of solar street lights can control the load on and off by pressing buttons, regardless of whether it is during the day or at night. This mode is used for some special load occasions or during debugging.

      4. Debug mode

      Used for system debugging, the load is turned off when there is a light signal, and the load is turned on without a light signal, which is convenient for checking the correctness of the system installation during installation and debugging.

      5. Normally open mode

      The power-on load always keeps the output state. This mode is suitable for the load that needs 24 hours of power supply.

      Solar floodlight remote controller

      10. How many meters is the sensing distance of the solar floodlight?

      Regarding induction solar lights, there are two main types on the market now;

      1. Infrared induction: detection is achieved by the difference between the human body temperature and the ambient temperature and movement, so the environmental requirements are high, and the sensing range is shortened exponentially in the summer high temperature environment. Induction distance: 6-8M

      2. Microwave induction: The microwave induction lamp emits electromagnetic waves through a planar antenna. When a moving object enters the electromagnetic environment, the waveform reflects and folds back. When the planar antenna receives the feedback waveform, the follow-up circuit works by detecting the trigger signal. Induction distance: 6-10M

      solar floodlight sensing distance

      11. What is the difference between solar floodlight and solar spot light?

      solar floodlight VS solar spot light
      1. Different scenes used

      Solar floodlights are suitable for large-area lighting due to their large irradiation area. Can be used as a country street lamp. Solar floodlights are usually used for lighting in buildings, squares, flower beds, parks and other places, which can make the outline of these buildings clearer at night and increase the beauty of the town at night.

      2. Different forms of irradiation

      The illumination form of the solar floodlight is diffuse, and the area within the illumination range of the floodlight will be illuminated, so it can be used to illuminate the entire scene.

      However, solar floodlights have a light-gathering effect, so they can be directionally illuminated. When the quality-assured solar floodlights are turned on, the light will be directed to the designated direction.

      3.The angle of the irradiation section is different

      The illumination angle of the floodlight cannot be adjusted, so no matter what kind of floodlight you buy to use, although the illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily after lighting, it is spread around the lamp itself, while solar energy projection The projection angle of the light can be selected according to actual requirements, and usually any angle can be selected within one hundred and eighty degrees.

      12. Where can you use the solar floodlight?

      Solar floodlights are not only cheap, but also small in size and high in brightness. They are suitable for installation in various occasions and are widely used in the following application scenarios

      Solar floodlight For flagpole

      solar light for flag

      Solar floodlight for backyard

      solar floodlight

      Solar floodlight for tree

      solar floodlight for tree

      Solar floodlight for garden

      solar floodlight

      Solar floodlight for home

      solar flood lamp in village

      Solar floodlight for basketball court

      13. How to install the solar floodlight?

      It is very easy to insall the solar flood lamp, you can refer to the below installation insturction

      solar floodlight installation manual

      14. Can you brand our logo on the solar floodlight?

      Yes, in order to help our customers to do a good job in brand promotion, we all suggest that customers print their trademarks, which will greatly help enhance your brand awareness.


      Of course, you have to provide us with a brand authorization letter before we can print your LOGO on the solar floodlight.

      15. What kinds of certificate does the solar floodlight have?

      Our solar floodlights have complete certificates, including ISO, CE, IEC, MSDS and ROHS. These certificates are the guarantee of quality.

      solar light certificate

      16. How to pack the solar floodlight?

      In international trade, due to the long distance and brutal loading and unloading by the workers of the port and dock, a strong and durable packaging is very necessary.

      solar floodlight package

      Because the size of the solar panel and the lamp body are too different, we pack the floodlight and the solar panel separately in color boxes, and then put them in a hard five-layer outer box, which can ensure that the various components will not be damaged during transportation. Will not cause you any trouble when selling floodlights.

      17. How to ship the solar floodlight?

      If you want to buy a sample for testing, we can send express, such as UPS, FEDEX and DHL.

      If you want to buy large quantities, such as a 20-foot container, we can help you contact freight forwarder for loading and transportation. We can ship at any port in China, including Shanghai Port and Guangzhou Port

      If you want to order small batches for marketing purposes, we can also send you LCL or send it to your other supplier’s warehouse for shipment together.

      shipping ways for solar light

      In short, we can help you contact the freight forwarder, come to our warehouse for loading, or send the goods to your forwarder agent warehouse or your other supplier`s warehouse.

      18. How to choose the best solar floodlight manufacturer or wholesaler?

      1. Look at the craftsmanship

      The LED solar floodlight lamp shell produced by the regular solar floodlight manufacturer has a smooth surface with few solder joints and no weld seams.

      However, the solder joints of the LED solar floodlights of poor quality are uneven and occasionally weld seams are seen.

      In addition, the solar floodlights produced by regular manufacturers mostly use hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion technology, so that they will not rust after more than 20 years of wind and rain, but the LED solar floodlights produced by informal manufacturers are mostly zinc sprayed.

      The surface began to rust in less than 3 years, and the safety hazards of LED solar floodlights after rusting are relatively large.

      2. Look at the configuration

      The photovoltaic system configuration is the core part of the LED solar floodlight. The size of the system configuration directly affects the brightness of the solar floodlight, the length of the lighting time, and the length of the rainy day.

      The price of solar floodlights on the market is very messy, so everyone should not be too greedy for cheap, so as not to fall into the trap of low prices, and the gains outweigh the losses.

      3. Look at the certification

      Regular solar floodlight supplier, Wholesaler or manufacturer can provide reliable quality inspection certificates, and some manufacturers with no products do not have certificates.

      4. Look at the after-sales service

      No electronic product can guarantee a 100% pass rate, and the same is true for solar lights, so timely and efficient after-sales service is especially important. This is a guarantee for maintaining your local reputation.

      Regular solar floodlight supplier, Wholesaler or manufacturer will provide 1-3 years warranty service, some manufacturers engage in low-cost dumping, and there is no after-sales service at all.

      19. Where to buy solar floodlight?

      Through these questions, I believe you have a comprehensive understanding of solar floodlights, which will help you communicate with solar floodlight suppliers. However, there are many fake and shoddy products on the market, and you need to carefully choose a suitable solar lighting companies.

      If you want high quality solar lamps, like efficient communication, and perfect after-sales service, then we are your best supplier of solar floodlights

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