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Solar Street Light for Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

July 30, 2020

China is a large and developing agricultural country, with nearly 80 percent of its population living in towns and villages, which poses a serious challenge to the reform and development of various rural undertakings, including rural sports development. In China, the "Three Rural Issues" have always been highly valued by the Party and the government.

Because of their importance, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee proposed the main task of building a "new socialist countryside." The construction of a new socialist countryside encompasses the political, economic, and cultural aspects of the countryside, including the development of public cultural and sports undertakings, including rural sports.

Outdoor basket court solar lighting

The case of solar street lamps for rural basketball court: local residents take a walk and exercise at the basketball court in the evening.

Due to factors such as lagging rural economic development, the conflict between urban and rural sports cultures, and the "urban-centrism" in the dissemination of mass sports culture, the development of sports culture in the new rural areas is in difficulty.

However, with the further promotion of the construction of "new socialist countryside" and the popularity of national fitness in the country, the sports infrastructure in rural areas is being improved unceasingly. The demand for sports and fitness of rural residents is being improved, also rising unprecedentedly.

outdoor basketball court solar lamps

SUNVIS SOLAR has been engaged in the construction of new rural solar lighting infrastructure, has been for many of the country's towns, new rural areas to provide quality solar lighting, solar monitoring, and other related solar products and services.

With the township, rural sports infrastructure improvement and rural residents of the rising demand for physical fitness, SUNVIS SOLAR also participated in a lot of rural sports field lighting project, although this kind of project is a small number, but Solar Street Light can be through energy saving, green low carbon new way for the township, rural residents sports exercise to bring the green light, really benefit the majority of the countryside, is indeed a very meaningful thing!

solar-street-light-for-basketball-court solar-street-lighting-for-outdoor-basketball-court

Local residents exercise and play in the outdoor basketball court at night.

The construction of sports is a basic task in the construction of the new countryside, and sports construction is an important part of that construction, which is a strong guarantee for the realization of the new countryside. Therefore, the new rural sports is a basic task and development goal of building new socialist countryside and has an irreplaceable role in promoting the overall construction of the new countryside. The source code will be rammed forward, contribute to the cause of rural sports.

solar LED Lamp for outdoor basket ball court

Rural sports field case with installation of solar street lamps

solar lighting for outdoor basketball court

With the solar street light in the basketball court, Local residents can freely play basketball on the basketball court at night.

By understanding the above background introduction, perhaps you also want to know the following few questions

1. What is the basketball court lighting standards?

Basketball court lighting standards are very simple, the court lighting must be uniform, luminosity to be sufficient, all lighting equipment can not be placed to obstruct the vision of the players.

There are two general Basketball Court Lighting configurations: the economic four light pole basketball court lighting configuration and standard six light pole basketball court lighting configuration.

Lamps are recommended to use high power LED Flood lamps.

2. How many watts is a basketball court?

Regarding the number and power of lights to be installed in a standard basketball court, it depends on the customer's demand for brightness. Usually, if it is in the community or rural areas for recreation or exercise, the general effect of 60W solar lights is very good

3. How high is the standard lamp post for basketball courts?

In general, the height of the outdoor basketball court light pole is 6m-8m, configured with 60W LED lights

If you need a specific solution for your DIY residential sport basketball court project, pls feel free to contact us.

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