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Solar Street Light Common Problems and Maintenance Measures

October 28, 2020

Solar street lights often have various problems in actual operation, but the most common ones are the following situations

1. The Solar Street Light is not Lighting.

You know, Solar street light is mainly used for outdoor lighting, often encounter high temperature and rain, low-temperature rain and snow, and the solar street light controller is usually installed in the pole. It is easy to cause controller water, resulting in controller short-circuit problem.

First of all, we need to check if the controller terminals are rusty with water (when installing downward controller terminals). If so, most likely the controller has been damaged. If not, then measure the battery voltage (prepare a multimeter).

Such as the 12V solar street light power supply system, if the battery voltage is lower than 10.8V, the battery has been unable to store electricity. You should replace the battery or disconnect the lamp cable to let the solar panel charge the battery fully.

Then check if the solar panel has voltage and current output under normal working conditions. If not, then the solar panel is damaged and needs to be replaced. If the above are no problem, you should check the light source; we can directly power the light source to see if the light, if not bright to replace the light source.

2. LED Light source flicks.

Generally, the cause of this failure is poor line contact, battery power loss resulting in a serious drop in electricity storage. In the case of no line problems, you need to replace the battery.

3. The light does not go out.

After the lamp is installed, if the light source can not be gone out, check the solar panel positive and negative pole is not reversed. Use a multimeter to measure the output voltage of the solar panel and other solar panels to compare the output voltage; the output voltage should be the same, if the voltage value is small, indicating that the solar panel is a quality problem.

4. Short lighting time, rainy days, short duration.

Usually, this situation is a decline in battery storage capacity, insufficient storage caused. Replace a good battery can be.

5. The solar street light source is not entirely bright.

A lot of solar street lights using LED chip package. In addition to the LED light source itself quality problems, some LED chips virtual welding also will cause this problem. The solution is to replace the corresponding led chips, and welded solid or replace the entire street lamp head.

Besides, the installation site lighting is insufficient. The lamps and lanterns' overall configuration is unreasonable and will cause a serious shortening of the life of the solar street lamp. We should choose a suitable installation environment, a reasonable configuration of the solar street light system.

First, The quality cannot be judged by the brightness of solar street lights.

Is a street light of the same wattage with higher brightness always a good product?

General solar street lamps are used LED street lamps; LED lights itself is several times the brightness of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp or even ten times. If the brightness is too high, the distribution of light is not good, not only a waste of LED street lamp efficiency, but also easy to cause glare.

Second, you can not simply look at the price of solar street lights.

Purchase of solar street lamps, naturally, we must consider the price factor, but solar street lamp manufacturers are to have a profit. As the saying goes, price is worth every penny, and a low price must not guarantee the quality of solar street lights. But too high a price often means too high configuration, so the price of solar street lights is not the higher, the better.

Third, solar street lights to have a professional technical program configuration.

Suitable is good; a tailored solar street light configuration program is generally suitable for the local lighting environment. Under the premise of designing according to local conditions and meeting customer requirements, minimizing product costs is the best professional technical solution.

Fourth, After-sales Guarantee for solar street lights.

No solar street light company can guarantee that their solar street lights will never stop work. Therefore, after-sales service is the key. It is an important service to be able to come to the site after a failure.


I am the author of this article, and also the marketing director of SUNVIS, with 12 years of experience in the Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Power System and Solar Water Pumps industry. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.

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