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October 28, 2020
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Seven Categories of Solar Street Light Guide

March 5, 2021

Solar street light types are vast, in the outdoors, different scenes need to match different lamps and lanterns, and business exchange want lamps and lanterns, always because they do not know the name of the lamps and lanterns and dip and hold a tedious gaze, "I want that eye-catching well why do what lights", but if you have an understanding of these lamps and lanterns, it is much briefer. The only thing you need to do is to explain what lights you want. Split Solar Street Light

Split solar street lights do not have a specific lighting place, it is the most common, the widest range of applications. Large to the south, north, small to the square, street, community, no matter how the installation environment it can be competent to meet any different equipment requirements. Long rainy days, high equipment requirements, panel area and battery capacity with a larger, good lighting conditions, equipment requirements are lower, panel area and battery capacity with a smaller.

Split solar street light we are also divided into lithium solar street light, lead-acid battery solar street light, colloidal battery solar street light, the former battery hanging on the lamp pole or panel bracket, the latter two batteries need to take the buried type. Lithium batteries are better than batteries in terms of function, transportation, installation, usually the environment preferred lithium solar street lights, budget or installation of the ambient temperature is too low, then perhaps choose the other two solar street lights, because the battery buried deeper can be combined with the potential temperature, guaranteeing low temperature flat work.

Separate solar street light each component independent existence, can be held according to the needs of any collocation, adaptable, a variety of shapes, installed in which can be quickly integrated into the environment.


Integrated Solar Street Light

Integrated solar street light is relative to the split solar street light, what is integrated? Light source, battery, solar panel into one, called integrated.

The integrated solar street light is purely a light head, it contains solar panels, lithium batteries, controllers and light sources, its installation is convenient, the exterior is short and fashionable, no need to hold complicated assembly, wiring, set on the light pole can start working.

The integrated solar street light is equipped with an intelligent microwave induction system inside, which can regulate the light according to the moving object, so that the decision not only saves stored power, enhance the life span of the street light, but also shows the smart street light concept.

Integrated solar street light high-end atmosphere, but because the size of the battery and lithium battery equipment is limited by the size of the lamp head, the control is suitable for use in areas where the equipment requirements are not high.

p.s. split, integrated solar street light range is wide, other control solar lights according to the way of installation and internal structure can also be classified into these two types of lights.


Wind and Solar Complementary Street Lights

Wind energy and solar energy are clean energy, solar power is not enough in the region, the street lamp may use wind power to help work, so the wind complementary street lamp came into being.

p.s. wind and material complementary can provide successive power supply for street lights, no need to worry about short sunshine time and long working time at all.


Solar Hoop Light

The only difference between the hoop light and the ordinary solar street light is that there is no light pole. It can perhaps be installed on poles and trees, which can eliminate the price of purchasing a pole.

p.s. hoop lights are suitable for rural areas, power saving and environmental protection, and lower cost.


Solar Wall Light

Wall lights are suitable for rooftop rooftops, garden gates, courtyards, open-air balconies, corridors and aisles. Wall lamp partial landscape type, beautiful shape, according to the architectural features to match, to create a beautiful atmosphere space.

Wall lights do not occupy space, easy to install, the price is not expensive, ordinary people can use.


Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are designed for courtyards, rich in artistic features, elegant, simple and fashionable, but also noble and luxurious, in today's diversified architectural styles, the selection of garden lights should also be scientific collocation.

Solar garden lights are not limited to providing lighting, but can also enhance the beauty of the environment and space infection, so they can also be used in scenic areas or distinctive architectural groups.


Solar Lawn lights

The last type of solar lawn light. Lawn lights are small in size, have a strong decorative influence, commonly used in park lanes, courtyards around, pools left, square green space, beautiful night flowers and plants to show the potential, to arrive at a unique environment, rich levels, atmosphere, colorful art consequences.

p.s. The height of the lawn lamp requires a common not across 1 meter.


Smart Solar Street Light

The professional names and basic results of the seven most common outdoor solar lamps and lanterns are introduced here to end, I hope to help you save time and energy in the middle of the process of buying lamps and lanterns!

As a Solar Street Light Manufacturer, we can supply all kinds of solar light for your project. Please feel free to send an email to us for detailed solar street light price and specification.


I am the Marketing Director of SUNVIS, with 12 years of experience in the Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Power System and Solar Water Pumps industry. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.

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