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Solar Street Light in Bangladesh

November 6, 2021

These days, solar power is becoming a powerful alternative energy source for many countries around the world. In fact, solar street lights are being used in several countries to bring light into remote areas that have been without electricity for years. In Bangladesh, solar lighting is being used not only to fight darkness but also to reduce crime and fuel theft.

In this article, we will discuss about solar street light in Bangladesh. We will describe all the solar street light from the very beginning to the end. So that you can understand it easily and know all its types.

Background of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, with a population of 164 million, is culturally diverse with Islam and Hinduism as the main religions. The economy is currently in a growth phase, with annual GDP growth rates of over 6% since 2011 and a recent high of 7.284% in 2017.

The current maximum demand for electricity is between 4,500 and 5,600 megawatts and is expected to rise to 7,000 megawatts in the next two years.

bangladesh background

The maximum generation capacity available is between 3,800 MW and 4,600 MW. The demand supply deficit is currently estimated at 2,000 MW.

Due to the power deficit and the current generation capacity, there is a clear instability in the supply of electricity to consumers, resulting in power shortages and therefore necessary power cuts due to load shedding.

Power cuts, gas shortages and low maintenance budgets have led to significant cuts in the utilities and services available to the population, including working street lighting in the country.

Status of street lighting in Bangladesh

Poor street lighting planning

The overall planning of the street lighting system is seriously lagging behind, and there is no clear planning, blindly copying the street lighting construction of other cities, making simple imitation and rigid copying, which has resulted in the so-called "one city in a thousand".

In this way, the city's street lighting not only does not bring beauty to the city, but there is light waste, light pollution and other problems.

Backward street light control system

The lamp control methods in cities nowadays are relatively lagging behind with the current technology. The actual working effect is not good. The maintenance and repair of street lights mainly rely on manual inspection at night, resulting in a large waste of manpower and material resources. And the lighting control of street lighting is generally in series, that is, all light and all off, and can not be controlled according to the actual situation, for energy and the use of the lamp itself will also cause some harm.

Outdated street lamps

The lamp contents for lighting in the city street lights are low in technology and have many problems such as high power consumption, high energy consumption, poor conversion efficiency and serious pollution.

Now the electrical appliances used for the usual relays, ballasts, and lamps for incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury tubes, and some high-pressure sodium lamps, there is a low light efficiency, electrical function loss, line, electrical loss of more problems. And also contains some components that can lead to chemical pollution.

bangladesh street light 3

The feasibility of installing solar street lights in Bangladesh

In view of the above problems, so the replacement of old and backward ordinary street lights is imperative, and solar street lights have the following advantages.

1. Solar street lights do not use conventional sources of electricity, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, without paying electricity bills. And solar energy is a renewable resource, inexhaustible. Green and environmental protection.

2, solar street lights are easy to install, solar street lights without wiring, slotting. Installation is simple and convenient, as long as there is sunlight in the place are suitable for installation.

3, solar street light without human control, automatic lighting, extinguishing, charging and discharging.

4、The solar street light uses a safe voltage, no danger of electric shock to personnel.

5, solar street light long service life, general utility LED street light after two years will be a large number of failures, solar street light can generally be used normally 5-7 years

outdoor basketball court solar lighting

It is estimated that the replacement of solar street lights could save the country 20 megawatts (MW) of electricity per day.

In other words, an additional 10,000 homes could be powered each day, as these solar street lights would all have zero electricity costs, regardless of where they are installed, whether in remote rural areas or where the grid does not reach.

Solar street light models suitable for Bangladesh

The best-selling solar street light models in Bangladesh are the All in one solar street light and all in two solar street light.

However, due to the price and location constraints of the integrated lights, the split lights are installed in greater numbers. Split lights are more suitable for the Bangladeshi market as they can be oriented to receive more light and are cheaper.

But while price is a concern, quality should also be taken into account.

60W Solar Street Light Installed in Nigeria

At present there are some companies that cut corners on their products and use inferior solar panels and batteries in order to obtain orders, so that it is difficult to see the quality problems in the early stage, but wait until a year later, the quality problems will appear, the more common is the shortening of the light time, flickering, low charging efficiency of solar panels, and even battery explosion and fire and other bad problems

solar street light in winter

What can we do for solar street light installation in Bangladesh?

We have integrated R&D, production and sales, with nearly 17 years of experience.

We are the only manufacturer who focuses on developing and manufacturing solar street lights in China, with hundreds of varieties of solar pole lights, With professional R&D team, advanced production facilities and reliable quality control system, our products are exported to Europe, America ,Asia etc. more than 70 countries and regions all over the world.

How to transport solar street lights to Bangladesh?

Because of the built-in lithium battery in solar street lights, it is difficult to ship them by air, so we usually ship them by sea.

Bangladesh is located in South Asia and is relatively backward, but there is a lot of export trade, especially in textiles, and they have a total of 5 ports




Chalna Anchorage

Among them, Chittagong is the largest and most important port in Bangladesh, 80% of our solar street lights enter the Bangladesh market through this port.


Bangladesh is rich in Solar radiation, with 2,500 hours of sunshine per year and an average daily sunshine output of 4-6.5 kWh per square metre.

In 2020, the Bangladesh Vision 2021-2041 was published, indicating the future direction of energy development. Therefore, this will have a positive impact on the development of solar street lights


I am the Marketing Director of SUNVIS, with 12 years of experience in the Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Power System and Solar Water Pumps industry. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.

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