Solar Street Light Repair
Solar Street Light Repair Guideline-Battery Missing
November 18, 2023
which lithium battery is better for solar street light
Which Lithium Battery is better for solar street light?
January 8, 2024

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How to evaluate the perfect solar street light system?

January 5, 2024

Whether you are responsible for engineering contractors, product importers, or outdoor lighting distributors, when choosing solar street lights, you would like to find the most perfect set of solar street lights, but there is no such thing as absolute perfection in the world, so we want to introduce a set of relatively perfect solar street light solutions, which can also be said to be high-performance, cost-effective solar street light solutions.

What features should a perfect solar street light have?

High Luminous Efficacy:

For a solar street light to be perfect or high-performance, it must emit a high brightness while maintaining low power consumption. The overall light efficacy of the light source must be high, and this value increases with the improvement of LED efficiency. Currently, a light efficacy exceeding 160lm/W is considered high in the market. With our optimization of renowned LED chips, our solar street lights now achieve an impressive 180LM/W luminous efficacy.

High Charge and Discharge Efficiency:

The high charge and discharge efficiency of a solar system are crucial for ensuring the power consumption of the light source. This efficiency not only tests the effectiveness of the solar controller but also examines the compatibility of the solar panel, light source, and controller.

Low Cost:

Striving for perfection involves not only considering high specifications but also achieving high value for the cost. To be perfect, a solar street light must balance high performance while controlling costs, ensuring that the selling price remains within ±10% of the market price.

Easy Installation:

A perfect solar street light must be user-friendly. Therefore, the installation of this light should be straightforward, allowing even novices to complete it quickly and easily by following the installation manual. We designed the light to eliminate potential errors during installation, resulting in a plug-and-play solar street light.

Pole Spacing:

Considering that solar street lights primarily target rural road lighting with lower traffic flow and budget constraints, the spacing between poles is usually larger. The standard requirement of 3~3.5 times the height of the light source is insufficient. Our specific recommendation is a pole spacing of 5 times the height of the light pole, ensuring no significant dark areas.

Support for Extended Rainy Days:

The significance of street lights for the smoothness and safety of road commuting is evident in all weather conditions. Therefore, whether it's sunny or rainy, the need for street lights remains constant. Operating 365 days a year is a key requirement for a solar street light. Our unique intelligent solar controller adjusts brightness based on battery levels, significantly extending the lighting time.

Long Lifespan:

With the development of lithium batteries, the lifespan of the entire solar street light system is no longer limited by the short life of lead-acid batteries (2-5 years). High-quality lithium batteries can extend the overall lifespan of the light to over 10 years. Considering long-term usage and maintenance costs, a lifespan of 8-10 years or more is a key criterion for a perfect solar street light.

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