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Does the deeper the well, the higher the pump head?

February 18, 2024

Many customers often inquire about the relationship between the head and depth of a submersible well pump in a deep well. Is it true that the deeper the well, the higher the head? The answer is no, there is no necessary correlation between the depth of the well and the head.

Let's go through a case study to understand the relationship between well depth and head.

Many customers call and ask about the price of a deep well submersible pump with a head of 2000 meters. Setting aside the fact that the customer hasn't provided information such as the required pump flow rate, whether the well water is at normal temperature, or the diameter of the well, at the very least, they should tell me how this 2000-meter head was determined.

Based on my experience, no manufacturer in China produces a submersible well pump with a head of 2000 meters. If someone claims to use or produce such a pump, it could only suggest fraudulent practices.

Upon further questioning, the customer mentioned that the well was drilled to a depth of 2000 meters, hence the selection of a 2000-meter head pump. I informed them that the head is not selected based on the depth of the well, but rather on the dynamic water level of the well and the losses in the pipeline.

solar water pump for irrigation head calculation

After consulting the drilling team, the necessary selection parameters were determined: the required flow rate is 80 tons per hour, the dynamic water level is at 200 meters, a pressure of 1 MPa (1 MPa pressure = 10 kilograms of atmospheric pressure = 100 meters head) is needed at the wellhead, and the well's diameter is 250 millimeters. The water is at normal temperature.

Q (flow rate) = 80 tons/hour

H (head) = 200 meters (dynamic water level) + 100 meters (pressure required at the wellhead) = 300 meters

So there is no necessary relationship between the head of a deep well submersible pump and the depth of the well.

The purpose of drilling a well so deep is to access a good water source with an ample supply of water. The pump only needs to be installed below the dynamic water level, typically around 10-20 meters.

Some may wonder, what is the dynamic water level?

Understanding the dynamic water level is not difficult. Before pumping water, the water level in the well is at a certain position. After pumping for a period of time, the water level will decrease to another position, and then stabilize. The vertical distance from this stabilized water level to the ground is the dynamic water level.

Choosing a suitable deep well submersible pump is crucial. With proper selection, the pump will function smoothly without major issues, and future maintenance and repairs will be convenient and worry-free, ultimately saving the company significant financial and material resources.

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