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Schematic diagram of the whole solar water pumping system

Harness the power of the sun with our high-performance solar-powered deep well pumps. Our advanced MPPT inverters efficiently convert solar energy into electricity, driving the pump's motor to continuously extract water from depths reaching hundreds of meters. Whether you're in remote mountainous areas or facing unstable grid power on your farm, our solar solutions provide a reliable water source.

Perfect for:

Farm irrigation: Solar water pumps for irrigation can ensure consistent watering for your crops, regardless of location.

Human and animal drinking water: Provide clean, healthy water for your family and livestock.

Domestic water supply: Enjoy reliable water access in off-grid or remote areas.


Solar well pumps are used in a wide range of scenarios, such as agricultural irrigation, residential water supply, and off-grid locations.

Beyond the listed uses, solar well pumps find application in a multitude of areas, including:

Residential water supply: Ensure a steady flow of clean water for your home.

Community water projects: Provide sustainable water access to remote communities.

Environmental restoration: Support ecosystem revitalization efforts.

SUNVIS Solar Well Pump Range:

We offer a wide range of pumps to suit your needs, with options below:

Pump Power:0.5kW-100kW

Input Voltage:DC 48V/72V/110V,Single Phase AC220V,3 Phase AC220V or AC380V

Frequency:50HZ or 60HZ

Suitable for Well Depth:5M-300M

* "Rated Flow and Head" means the water flow rate and Head at the point where the pump is operating at its highest efficiency

* Detailed Photovoltaic Water Pump System specification, please Contact us

Unbeatable Benefits:

Clean and eco-friendly: Powered by the sun, our pumps generate zero emissions and protect the environment.

High efficiency, low energy: Advanced permanent magnet synchronous motors and high-efficiency solar panels ensure maximum water output with minimal energy consumption.

Easy installation and maintenance: Simple design and few components make installation and maintenance a breeze, even in remote locations.

Low running costs: No grid electricity needed, resulting in significantly lower operational expenses.

Wide application: Suitable for various deep well types and diverse scenarios, including agriculture, rural water supply, animal husbandry, industrial use, and more.

Installation and Maintenance:

When you install a Solar Water Lifting System, you especially need to pay attention to the following points

1、Solar panel mounting

The direction of the solar array should be toward the equator, the tilt angle of the solar array is slightly increased than the local latitude, but you can adjust the angle of the solar panel installation according to the different requirements of the seasonal water, such as the need for a large amount of water in the summer, winter water consumption can be reduced when the angle of inclination, so as to obtain more sunlight resources in the summer.

2、Inverter installation

When installing the inverter, it is necessary to ensure that the inverter has good ventilation, keep the distance above 120MM up and down, and keep the distance above 50MM left and right. If the waterproof level of the inverter is lower than IP65, you need to install the inverter in a waterproof outer box, so as to avoid rainwater entering the inverter and damaging the circuit board.

Deep Well Water Pump install positation in the well3、Submersible pump installation

The use of deep well pumps to pump water from deep wells, according to the requirements of drilling and cleaning, the verticality of the well pipe to meet the requirements, the inner diameter of the well hole must be larger than the size required by the submersible pump. Submersible pump installation depth needs to be below the dynamic water level of at least 3 meter(9.8ft), higher than the well pipe into the water filter hole, at least 5 meters(16.4ft) from the bottom of the well.

When fixing the submersible pump in the deep well, you need to use the wire rope and carabiners to fix it to be lifted into the well, and the mouth of the well needs to be fixed with a submersible pump bracket. It is also recommended to use a spare cable to prevent the wire rope or bayonet from loosening and falling off.

4. Equipped with Well Lid

After completing the installation of the well pump, must be equipped with a well lid, so as to avoid small stones or other objects fall into the well, these objects will be stuck in the pump, which will cause difficulties in the subsequent maintenance of the pump.


With SUNVIS solar well pumps, you can achieve water independence, reduce your environmental impact, and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable solution. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect pump for your application!


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    Still have questions? We've got you covered!

    Expert Guides: Explore our comprehensive solar well pump guide and FAQs to answer all your queries.

    How to choose a solar well pump?

    According to the actual working environment to choose the right submersible pump specifications model is very important, in the unsuitable working conditions, the quality of the product is not even good enough to be used properly, we should consider a number of factors to determine the appropriate product model to complete the water supply requirements.
    So, before choosing a solar well pump, first you need to know these data: 1. flow demand. 2. well depth and diameter. 3. head. 4. dynamic water level
    This blog of ours details how to choose the right solar water pump, [Read more]

    Solar well pump installation guide

    The installation of a solar water pump focuses on the installation of the solar panels, the installation of the combiner box, the installation of the inverter, and the installation of the deep well pump, as well as the waterproof wiring method for the wires. Our solar water pump system Kits come with detailed step-by-step installation instructions.

    Which solar well pump brand is good?

    We have listed the Top 10 brands of solar well pumps in 2023 with a brief description of their benefits and features, please read this blog

    Top 10 Solar Water Pump Manufacturers

    What is your solar well pump price?

    The price of solar well pumps is affected by several factors such as: pump head, pump flow, motor power, pump system features. Different configurations are not the same price, if you have specific requirements, our technicians will give you a recommendation according to your requirements of the appropriate model and accurate quotation!

    How to calculate the head of a pump?

    The head of a deep well pump is the height to which the pump lifts the water. 

    First, you should confirm whether the solar water pump system is direct feed or with Tank System. You can refer to the below two diagram to calculate the pump head. 

    In practice, we normally choose the pump head 10%-20% higher than the actual demand in order to make sure the pump can work properly. This is because sometimes the calculation is not very accurate and there are losses in the water pipes.

    solar water pump for irrigation head calculation

    Does the deeper the well, the higher the pump head?

    The answer is no, there is no necessary correlation between the depth of the well and the head. [read more]