3.5KW Off Grid Solar Power System

Our 3.5KW Off grid solar power system is built in 24V 200AH(4.8kwh) LiFePO4 battery. Of course, if you want to low cost, we can use GEL Battery. It is also deep cycle and maintenance free. Long life span. Compared with 5KW off grid solar power system, 3.5kw solar system is much cheaper, but it still can run 2HP Motor load. So most of our Africa customer like this 3KW System. 

Depending on the voltage in different countries, our 3.5KW off-grid PV systems are also available in AC110V and AC220V outputs.

SUNVIS has always been committed to producing and supplying efficient, stable and safe solar power systems. After more than a decade of development, our off-grid systems have been exported to South America, South East Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.

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3.5KW Off Grid Solar Power System Features

This 3.5KW Off grid solar power system is one of our company’s top products, providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions for uninterrupted power supply. Here are some features for the SUNVIS 3.5KW solar system:

Efficient: This 3.5KW solar system uses the latest PERC technology in solar panel and conversion rate upto 22.8%, ensuring efficient conversion of sunlight to electricity. The 2000 cycles LiFePO4 storage battery, and MPPT Hybrid Inverter also use the latest technology, ensuring efficient energy use.

Reliable: The SUNVIS 3.5KW solar system has been tested and improved multiple times, ensuring reliable power supply in various environments. What is more, our Lithium Battery is built in an intelligent battery management system(BMS) that ensures long battery life and stable performance.

Cost-effective: The 3.5KW off grid solar power system is affordable, and low installation and maintenance costs, It will save users a lot of electricity expenses on a long run.

What It Includes

SUNVIS 3.5KW solar off-grid system is with  4.8KWH battery backup, It can run for small to medium-sized homes or businesses. This system is ideal for remote locations where access to the power grid is limited or non-existent, such as cabins, farms, or rural communities.

SUNVIS 5KW Solar Power System Advantages

  • Automatic solar/utility/battery complementary switching
  • Solar power supply priority, save electricity bill
  • Under-voltage, short-circuit, over-voltage, overload and over-temperature protection
  • Stable output of mains voltage to protect the load
  • Automatic battery under-voltage activation
  • Full power pure sine wave output

Option 1

With LiFePO4 Battery

450W Mono Solar Panel*7pcs

3.5KW MPPT Solar Inverter*1pc

24V 200AH Lithium Storage Battery*1pc

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket*1 set


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Option 2

With GEL Battery

450W Mono Solar Panel*7pcs

3.5KW MPPT Solar Inverter*1pc

12V 200AH GEL Battery*2pc

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket*1 set


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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about our 5KW Off grid Solar Power System in our communication with clients, and we hope that these answers will help you
1What can I run on 3.5kw off grid solar system?
Our 3.5KW off grid Solar power system is with a 3.5KW MPPT Inverter, the rated output power is 3500W, the max peak power is 7000W, the Loaded motor capacity is 2HP, So if the motor loads power are less than 2HP, It can work well. Such as A/C, washing machines, AC fans, lights, refrigerators, TVs, and more.
2How much power does a 3.5kw solar system produce?
The amount of solar power generated varies from region to region, depending on the local solar hours.

For example,
In the Philippines, the effective solar insolation time is 3.8 hours per day on average, so a 3.5KW off-grid PV system can generate 9KWH per day.
In Nigeria, the average effective solar insolation time is 4.5 hours per day, so a 3.5KW off-grid PV system can generate 10.6KWH per day.

You can use this formula to calculate the amount of electricity generated: Total solar Array power * solar hours * 0.75
3How many panels in a off grid 3.5kw solar home system
Our standard configuration is 7pcs 450W Mono Solar Panel, But It is customized, You can choose less to save cost.
4Is your 3.5KW Solar Panel System single Phase or Three Phase?
It is single phase AC110V or AC220V solar power system.
5How will you ship the solar system to me?
To avoid breakage in transit, we generally use wooden boxesWe will ship the solar system by wooden case.

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