Solar Emergency Light

Solar Emergency Light

These Solar emergency lights are portable lights that are powered by solar panels and batteries. They are designed to provide a backup source of light in case of power outages or other emergencies. Some of the features of solar emergency lights include:

1.  Solar Rechargeable light, AC adaptor is also available.

2. Come with a strap, designed to be portable and easy to carry.

3. Equipped with New rechargeable lithium batteries, long-lasting battery life.

4. Bright and Efficient Lighting, Each LED Lamp reaches to 600LM.

5. Multiple Lighting Modes.

6. Plug and Play, Simply place the light in a sunny location to charge the battery, and use it as needed.


Two Charging Ways

SUNVIS Solar Lamp can be charged by Mains or Solar Panel.


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Mobile Phone Charging

This Portable Solar Lamp is built-in a large capacity lithium battery, it can also charge your mobilephones or other DC5V appliance.

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Multiple Placement Options

1. Magnets can be attached to any metal surface; 2. Non-slip hook can be posted any where; 3. Can be held in hand and place on the table.

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4 Lighting Modes

This Portable Solar Lamp have 4 Lighting Modes. 1. White Light. 2.Warm Light. 3. Mixed Light. 4.SOS Flashing Light

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Portable Solar Lamp Parameters

The SUNVIS light can be freely combined into a 1 light solar lighting system, 2 light solar lighting system, a 3 light solar lighting system or a 4 light solar system, depending on the needs.


Module Type

SEM50-1 SEM50-2 SEM50-3 SEM50-4

Lumen (Lm)





Solar Panel

6W Solar Panel with 4M Cable

8W Solar Panel with 4M Cable

12W Solar Panel with 4M Cable

15W Solar Panel with 4M Cable

Lamp Size





Working Time






3.7V 5000MAH*1 Lithium battery

3.7V 5000MAH*2 Lithium battery

3.7V 5000MAH*3 Lithium battery

3.7V 5000MAH*4 Lithium battery



Professional PV System and Solar Lighting Manufacturer in China

SHANGHAI SUNVIS NEW ENERGY CO., LTD, as a Solar Home System Manufacturer in China, specializes in providing high quality solar panels for home, commercial, government and industrial applications. It is a high-tech private enterprise integrating R&D, production, design, installation and after-sales service.

We can provide professional solar power system, solar lighting system, solar battery storage system and solar hybrid inverter and so on many kinds of energy-saving and environmental protection products and projects, is the advocate and promoter of new energy.

SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp Factory

  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
  • SUNVIS Portable Solar Lamp factory
How long does it take to full charge the solar lamp?

Our Solar Lamp can be charged by Mains and Solar Panel.

It takes about 8hours to full charge the solar lamp

Can we only order the lamp without solar panel?

Yes, Because this lamp can be charged by Mains or Car USB, So you can order the lamp only for camping market

What is your MOQ for this portable solar lamp?

Normally, our MOQ is 100pcs, But we can also ship to you for small quantity to test the market.

We can also provide samples for you to test if you require

One-time business is not our goal, we pursuit for long-term partner relationships.


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