60W Solar Street Light,Solar Outdoor Lights,Solar Flood Light

  • Easy Installation, Save your Labor Cost

  • Motion sensor switch on/off automatically, only turn on at night

  • IP67 waterproof grade protects the light from heavy rain or snow

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      UNDP Supplier | 60W Solar street light | 60W Solar Street Light For Project

      SUNVIS is the best 60W Solar Street Lights supplier in China. We will provide you with high quality products at competitive price. Our solar street lights are the best on the market, and we back this up with a full 3 years warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturer defects.60W SUNVIS Outdoor Solar LED Street Lamp is a complete off grid solution for your outdoor lighting project.

      Advantages of 60W Solar Street Light

    • All in One Design; Easy to Install; Save Your Labor Cost

    • Outdoor solar street light with motion sensor

    • 100% Brand New & High Quality

    • Night sensor + PIR Motion Sensor to Save Power

    • Waterproof design ,IP65 Waterproof Rating

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      all in one Solar Street Light

      60W Solar Street Light, All in One Design, Easy Installation

      Sunvis 60W Solar Street Light is one of the most popular items in our solar street light range. Many municipal projects are choosing 60W solar street lights, it has very good light output. Compared with ordinary street lights, solar street light is 0 cost for each year.

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      120W Solar Panel60W super bright LED12.8V 48Ah | 614.4Wh LiFePO4 batteryYES
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      60W All In Two Solar Light suitable for double side installation

      This 60W 2-in-1 solar street light is the latest design with a lithium battery and controller built into the light body for easy transport and installation. The solar panel of this street light can be adjusted in orientation, making it suitable for installation on both sides of the road. The size of the solar panel and battery can be adjusted according to project requirements

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      130W Solar Panel60W super bright LED12.8V 54Ah 691.2Wh LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsNo
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      60W All In One Solar LED Street Light with ABS Material

      SUNVIS 60W solar street light comes with good quality ABS material, which is with high intensity and corrosion resistant. All of our products are tested by professional technician team before leave factory. These solar street light are very beautiful in appearance, There are no wires to run for this solar street light with motion sensor.

      It can be installed in minutes and will provide years of maintenance free use. This solar street light can be applied for wall lighting, landscape illumination, driveway lights and so on. It is widely used for residential area, park lighting or building illumination

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      20W Solar Panel60W super bright LED15Ah Lithium Battery, 800 cyclesYES
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      60W Solar Floodlight, Solar Outdoor Lamps

      The Solar Flood Lamp is easy to install, just needs to mount the panel on the roof and put the lamp post in any place you want. And then connect the cable between the solar panel and lamp. It can detect motion automatically, turn on the light after sunset automatically. Also you can turn on the light manually by remote control, and increase or decrease the brightness by remote control

      Main Tech Data:

      Solar PanelLED LampBatteryPIR Sensor
      16W Solar Panel60W super bright LED10Ah LiFePO4 2000 cycles, 5-7 yearsYES
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      60W Solar Street Light FAQ:

      How bright is a 60w solar light?

      LEDs are available in different levels of brightness and different LED chips are selected for different use scenarios.

      Our 60W solar street light is generally chosen to be 5000K colour temperature and 8000lm brightness.

      We can choose different LED chips according to different projects.

      Which battery is best for solar street light?

      For the choice of battery, mainly depends on the ambient temperature and light source wattage

      Like cold places below minus 15 degrees, we basically recommend to use GEL battery, because this battery can be buried underground, then the same you use this ternary lithium battery can also be, but we recommend buried

      In the place above 40 degrees, then we suggest that the customer use lithium iron battery, why? Because LiFePO4 batteries are high temperature resistant and have a high safety factor.

      The temperature is between 15~40 degrees, then it depends on the power of the light source, if the light source power is smaller, we suggest using lithium iron batteries with 3.2V system, because with this system, the cost performance is relatively high. If the power of the light source is larger, we recommend using a 12V lithium system.

      LiFePO4 battery

      How many types of solar street lights are there?

      According to the physical structure of the whole solar street light, we can divide the solar street light on the market into all in one solar street light, all in two solar street light and split solar street light.

      So, the question arises, which of these three types of lights is the best?

      When I am faced with these three types of solar street lights, how should I choose?

      I believe that after reading the Solar street light classification and use scenarios, we can naturally combine their needs and choose the one that best suits them.

      solar street light installation

      SUNVIS, as a professional All In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer and Supplier, has been committed to developing more solar lighting solutions and PV Solar products that fit the needs of the market.