30W/50W Small Solar Home System SHS-1217/SHS-1220

SUNVIS offers 30W/50W Small Solar Home System(SHS) to bring you compact, stand-alone power to remote areas, or backup systems when the mains failure.

  • Compact and Light Weight, You can take it anywhere
  • Plug and Play, You can install the Small Solar Home System within 2 Miniutes
  • 2 ways Charging, You can charge the Solar Power System by Solar Panel or AC Adaptor
  • Built in FM radio and MP3 Player, You can listen News and Music Freely
  • USB output, You can use this small Solar Home System to charge your phone, or other digital products

This Small Solar Home System, also called Solar Power Bank, is the best choice for remote locations, SUNVIS developed this small Solar Home System to offer an ECO solution that provides reliable, safe, quiet, and maintenance-free off-grid power.

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Main Specifications

TyepSHS-1217/SHS-1220(30W/50W Solar Home System(SHS))
Charging TypeMPPT
System VoltageDC12V
Solar Panel Power30W/50W Poly with 5M cable
Battery12V/17AH(204WH) or 20AH(240WH) Lead Acid Battery
DC LED LampsDC12V 3W*6PCS with 5M Lamp cable
Lighting Time1 bulb: 70-72hours, 2 bulbs:34-36hours, 3 bulbs: 22-24hours, 4 bulbs: 16-18hours, 5 bulbs: 13-15hours, 6 bulbs: 10-12hours
USB Charging port5V 1000MA for phone charging
FM Radio and MP3 PlayerYes
Run TV and FanYes, only for SHS-1220(Optional)
Warranty1 Year

Small Solar Home System(SHS) Metal Case

The Solar Power System Unit is made of metal case, beautiful style, sturdy and durable, even if dropped from a high place, it is not easy to break and fragile.

Small Solar Home System(SHS) Cable

SUNVIS uses large diameter photovoltaic cables to ensure that the voltage drop between the PV panel and the system unit is less than or equal to 1%.

Small Solar Home System(SHS) Protection

SUNVIS Solar Power System Unit is built-in Solar Controller with full system protection, Over-charge and Over Discharge Protection, Short Circut Protect, Battery reverse connection protection, Solar panel reverse connection protection, Prevent discharging from battery to solar panel, Battery low voltage protection


1How many solar panels do I need for a tiny house?
It depends, if all you need is lighting and phone charging and to listen to the radio, then our small solar home system 10W for 2 rooms lighting and 20W DC solar power system for 4 rooms lighting are your best choice. If you also need to drive a TV, or a fan, then you'll need to go for a high power system, you can check out our 50W DC solar home system. Or contact our sales engineers directly and we will give you professional advice.
2Can I use car battery with solar panel?
This Solar System is with built-in Battery, so you do not need to use car battery.
3Which one is the best home solar kit?
Frankly, there is no best, only better. So the best home solar kit is the right configuration for your power needs. Please contact us for professional advice.
4Is it the complete solar power kit for homes?
Yes, This solar power kit includes everything, solar panel, system power unit, LED Lams, Cable and USB phone charger cable. So you don't need to buy any extra parts.
5How to wire a tiny house for solar power?
This solar system is plug-and-play and does not require a professional technician. Place the solar panel outdoors facing the sun, place the power bank in a suitable location inside the house, plug in the cable and charge. It only takes 2 minutes to install.
6What is SHS system?
SHS is short for Solar Home System, The Solar Home System (SHS) is an independent PV lighting system that provides a low-cost lighting and electrical supporting power supply mode for off-grid homes in remote areas. In rural areas where there is no electricity, SHS can be used to meet the needs of household lighting, Fans, Mobile phone charging, listening to the radio, and meeting basic electricity needs.

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