Best Solar System Manufacturer and Supplier in China Since 2003

As a leading supplier of Portable Solar System, Off Grid Solar System and Solar Outdoor Lighting System, SUNVIS SOLAR has been helping UNDP and ADB supplied excellent Solar Systems for Sudan and Syria Project, and Home Lighting projects worldwide.

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Your Best Solar System Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Founded in 2003 in Shanghai, China, SUNVIS SOLAR specializes in the manufacture and development of Portable Solar System for home and camping, Off-Grid Solar System for Home and products related to Solar Outdoor Lighting Systems, including Solar Street Lights and Solar Floodlights.

SUNVIS SOLAR has partnered with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Energy, ADB and UNDP to provide products for off-grid solar systems and solar outdoor lighting projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. Now we have customers from more than 80 countries around the world, and more and more of them are finding us and asking to start a cooperation.

One Stop Solar System Solution

We can provide you with free project design and one-stop sourcing for your complete solar systems Project.

Custom Solar System

We use an individual approach to each client or project, and we never offer you a set of standard green energy decisions.



Low MOQ for all kinds of solar systems to our small solar business partners or Government Solar System Projects.

24/7 Online Support

Our sales support is available 24 hours a day to answer your every question and help you solve any issues you may have with our products.

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Our experienced team and professional service will provide you with a quick response and save you the cost of communication. As a result, your work efficiency will be improved and you can catch more business chances earlier than your competitors.


Free Charge Designing for each project

3 Years Warranty for main products

24/7 online Technical Support


We can provide you with free project design and one-stop sourcing for complete solar systems.

Solar systems include solar panels, solar inverters, solar controllers, solar batteries, photovoltaic cables, Circuit breakers, Sockets, and Solar Panel Brackets.

Solar street lights include Solar panels, solar street light controller, LED luminaire, Lithium batteries, and Lampposts.


ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified Factory

CE/TUV/ETL certificates are available for main products.

Certificates of Origin is available to save your import duty

CoC certificates from Intertek/SGS are available to apply destination Customs Clearance Documents


Work with a professional freight forwarder to ship our products worldwide.

We can provide you local customs clearance services and pay duties and taxes at the destination port.

All goods are well packed before shipment to avoid damage during transportation.

Each shipment will be covered by Insurance.


We can provide a full set of certifications for you to bid on or for your Customs Clearance.

Successful Client Projects

3KW Solar Home System Installed in Nigeria 3KW Solar Home Power System Installed in Nigeria

This 3KW Solar Power System was installed in Nigeria in 2018, It includes 4PCS 300W Solar Panel, 2PCS 200AH Battery and 1PC 3KW Hybrid Solar Inverter, It runs TV, Fan, Light and Water Pump[Read More]

Portable Solar Generator for UNHCR Project 30W Portable Solar Generator for UNHCR Project

1000 sets of 30W Portable Solar Generator was supplied for UNHCR Project in Syria, It runs 6pcs LED Lamps, FM Radio and also can charge Mobile phones, People there like this Portable Solar Generator very much …[Read More]

500W Solar Home System 500W Solar Electrical System for UNDP Project

30 sets of 500W Lithium Solar Power Electrical System was supplied for UNDP Project in Brazil. They are for the houses in Jungle, Amazonas. It will run TVs, Satellite equipment, Lamps, and Fans, etc…[Read More]

All in one solar street light in Ghana 40W All In One Solar Street Light Installed In Ghana

280pcs of 40W all in one solar street light were installed in Accra, Ghana. It uses 100W Solar Panel, 60AH Lithium battery and 40W LED Lamp. This All in One Solar Street Light can last 3 night after fully charged…[Read More]

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