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      【17 Years Experiences】【Trusted by UNDP】【3 Years Warranty】【After-sale Worry-free】

      For Government, City Construction Projects

    • Globally recognized factory and product qualification.
    • Stable supply availability of continuous bulk orders.
    • Analysis and design solutions for specific architecture.
    • Higher standard of specs for special applications
    • Longer warranty as per requirements.
    • For Wholesale and Distribution Projects

    • Best wholesale price offered to support your sales.
    • Highly professional services for more than 17 years.
    • Certificates of Origin available to save your import duty.
    • LED, drive, light efficacy, and design customizable.
    • All market access product certification available.
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      We have excellent cases around the world and a professional team to provide you with better solutions for your projects.

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      Some common problems with street lights that you can read carefully to save you time and worry!


      Since its establishment in 2003, SUNVIS has been committed to research and development, production and promotion of high quality solar street lights, and provide one-stop solar lighting solution and professional services for our customers.

      We offer the entire set of solar street lights with a 3 years warranty and 24/7 after-sales service.

      Customized Solar Street Lights are also Welcome

      2How much is the Solar Street Light?

      Full set of solar street lights includes: light poles, LED lamps, solar panels, batteries and controllers, etc., The different configurations, the prices are not the same.

      The price can only be determined if these basic parameters are determined. But we assure you that we will provide you with the best price and the best service.

      3How to find a reliable solar street light manufacturer?

      The quality of street lights on the market currently varies, and poor quality products will bring you no end of trouble.

      SUNVIS has been manufacturing street lights for 17 years, we have a stable sales staff, you can easily contact them no matter when or where you are.

      We have been supplying UNDP and UNHCR projects with consistent quality street lights for more than 5 years !

      SUNVIS SOLAR is your best partner for your future project.