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SG1230|30W Solar Generator
SG1230|30W Solar Generator

Product Name:SG1230|30W Solar Generator

Model No.: SG1230W

Product Abstract:
SG1230W, 30W Solar Panel, 12V/17AH Battery, This portable Solar Power Generator is ideal for providing electrical power and lighting for remote homes, emergency power, disaster relief, camping, boating - anywhere you need power on-demand with no fuel-costs or pollution. Also have FM Radio and MP3 Player function, can power DC TV and DC Fan.

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SUNVIS Solar`s innovative Solar Home Generator System is designed to provide an economical source of electricity to homes and communities without access to electricity or where electricity supply is scare.


Bright 3W and 5W LED lights up to 240lm(3W) and 400lm(5W), as bright as a 40W(3W) and 60W(5W) light bulb

12V and 5V DC output for small electronic devices as TV, FAN and Satellite phone

Built in high efficient PWM Solar Controller

Highly portable and easy installation, Plug and Play

10 years Solar Module Warranty

1 year Main unit and Accessories warranty

The SUNVIS Solar Generator comes with high quality, reliability and value. Our continuous innovation, meticulous design and production techniques, combined with rigorous quality control, in-house testing and adherence to strict international quality standards, ensure the Solar Home System the best in class in today`s off-grid solar product market


PV Module: Converts sunlight into electricity

Battery: Stores energy generated by the PV module

System Controller:

Provides battery over charge and over discharge protection, DC output over load and short circuit protection, solar module and battery reverse polarity protection, reverse discharge protection from battery to PV and temperature compensation functions

LED Display: Displays the status of battery capacity, Solar Charging and Load discharging

USB Port: For IPAD, Cell Phone, radio, and other electronic devices



Solar Module


Integrated PWM Controller


Maximum Power:


rated voltage


Maximum Power Voltage:


rated charging current


Maximum Power Current:


Rated loading current


Open-Circuit Voltage (V):


Voltage of stop power supply


Short-Circuit Voltage:


Voltage of resume power supply


With 5M cable with connectors

Voltage of stopping charge





System / Load Reference


Battery Type

Lead-acid battery

3W Lamp only*4

17 h



5W USB Charger only

40 h

Recommend Battery DOD


Radio only(Optional)

68 h


Q: How many ways to charge the Solar Kit of SG-1230?
A: There are two ways to charge the solar Kit:
1. By Solar Panel, Which is included in the package. 
2. By AC adaptor, The adaptor is optional, It is not included in the package, If you need, we can supply the AC adaptor.

Q: Can I buy the solar kit without Solar Panel?
A: Yes, For the area where there is mains available, but the power always failure, we suggest to order the kit with AC adaptor, without Solar Panel, Because you can charge the battery when the Power is available, and use the kit as back up when power cuts. It will save cost.

Q: What type of battery is in the SOLAR KIT of SG1230?
A: The SG1230 uses a 12V/17Ah  maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery (AGM), and similar to what is found in the Motorcycle. Here are some basic facts about AGM batteries:
*AGM batteries should be kept full at all times. It is good for battery life.
*AGM batteries last longer if you do not drain them completely.
So we suggest to fully charged the solar system at least three a month if not using the solar system in a long time

Q: How do I know if my Solar System SG1230 is charged?
A: To check the charge level of the SG1230, refer to the LED Battery Display. When lit up, you'll see a LED indicator for battery capacity, indicating the current charge level. When all the LED indicator are lit up, It means the battery is fully charged. When the LED indicator is flashing, It means the battery is charging by Solar.

Q: Is the lead acid battery inside the solar system SG1230 replaceable?
A: Yes, It is replaceable, It is lead acid 12V 17AH Battery, It is very popular in the local market. You can change it easily. It is plug and play. 

Q: How long can the Solar System last with the bulbs?
A: You can calculate the lighting time like this(taking 12V/17AH battery and 1pc 3W LED Lamp)
Lighting time in hours=Battery voltage*Battery Capacity/Lamp Power
Lighting time in hours=12V*17AH/3W=68Hrs

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