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4W Solar Lighting Kit
4W Solar Lighting Kit

Product Name:4W Solar Lighting Kit

Model No.: SHS-1204

Product Abstract:
The low cost solar lighting kit with 3pcs 1W LED Bulb and cellphone charger is an advanced portable solar lighting system, ideal for remote area / village dwelling

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The low cost solar lighting kit is an advanced portable solar lighting system, ideal for remote area / village dwelling. It is pollution-free and an excellent replacement for conventional kerosene lamps and lanterns. The low cost solar lighting kit can run 3pcs 1W LED bulb and a cellphone charger. The solar energy generated by the Solar Module in the daytime is stored in the battery, and it can back up the LED lamps for 15 hours.

How to charge:

The Solar module should be placed outside in direct sunlight away from shade (e.g. tree, building etc…); south facing in the northern hemisphere or north facing in the southern hemisphere. Remember that shade will move as the sun moves at different times of the day. Position it so that it will not get damaged by animals or vehicles and to reduce the chance of theft.

How it works:

•  LED Bulb Lighting

The attached 6V/0.9W LED bulb can give enough brightness for kids study and do house work in the night, it is with 3M cables, you can hang it in the suitable place, The bulb can last for 6 hours after the battery fully chargered

•  Mobile phone Charging: The solar lighting kit can charge most of the popular cellphones in the market


1. Solar Panel: 4W/5V Poly Solar Panel with 5mcable

2. Light source: 1W*3pcs LED Light with 3m cable

3. Material: ABS

4. Battery: 3.7V/4400mAh Li Battery

5. Lighting time: 6 hours working after full charge for 3 lamps

6. Overcharge and over discharge protection

7. Rechargeable by solar

8. Other functions: Mobile phone charge function or other DC5V digital products.

Mobile connect cable and 10connect tips(Nokia 6101, Nokia8210, MICRO USB,USB, Samsung D800,Samsung G600, Sony Ericson K750,MOTO V3, LG-KG90,Iphone)

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