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Exhibition to Hosts Visitors via Solar Lamps

Time:24 Apr 2015  hits:1299

Seeing the impact of renewable energy is being brought to the forefront as visitors to a London exhibition “Life without Lights” will tour the gallery led by solar lamps. The Ashden-hosted exhibition is a collection of 23 images taken by award-winning photographer Peter DiCampo during his time living and travelling in remote areas of Northern Ghana.


 “Living in off grid villages in Ghana for two years, I realized the subtle but far-reaching ways the lack of electricity affected peoples’ lives…. I found that local people were acutely aware of what they were missing out on – especially economic opportunities,”said exhibition photographer DiCampo.


The exhibition will highlight energy problems in the developing world, which still mostly relies on kerosene lanterns that can cause fire and respiratory problems. “Life without Lights” will take place from February 6-11 in London.